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You Talk , We Listen [ For Dev team]

You Talk , We Listen it was your comment or motto on a quick poll not long ago.
I will address my personal opinion and i don’t speak for the community.

I believe your Motto is very far from truth.Sporadically you listen but that doesn’t make not even a small impact.
Not long ago you gave us 1.6 update,even it had 2 months gap from previous update,it consisted only a few new Dinos and some bug fixes,not even the alliance missions.

I have done more than a hundred suggestions,but my mistake was that i was looking only from ours perspective and not the companys . I'll try ONE LAST TIME Suggestions
So i will try to make some core suggestions thinking both parties us and the company.

  • More Vip Benefits
  • Fixed trades differ from donations.50 kentro for 50 sino and 10 Dinobucks for the transaction
  • Migration every 4 months
  • Matchmaking As for now the matchmaking is ± 450 range trophy.Lots of players including myself have had lots of streak losses of 6-7 or 8 matches in a row.We could prevent that if after 3 consecutive losses the next match (4th one) will pick an opponent from the trophy range of -450 instead of the game researching the trophy range above us.So this will give us the opportunity to face a lower player and stop the streak of losses, and stop the frustration of trying to fill an incubator slot.Or after a 3rd loss automatically match us with a bot
  • Upgradable Laboratory /Darts /Drone every upgrade will cost DinoBucks
  • Evasive/Cloak moves should have something different than zero damage or all damage
  • Scents Global Epic-Global Rare-Global Common////Local Epic- Local Rare - Local Common ///Park Epic -Park Rare-Park Common (it can benefit the people without parks)
  • Concede Button
  • Alliance Hierarchy,stats,misions,raids,strike towers,wars etc etc
  • Separate arenas For incubators and tournaments
  • Spawn rates and Spots should be increased
  • Variety of Dinos on Local Zones
  • Black Market
  • Dino Tracking purchased with DinoBucks
  • Dino Eggs walking , purchased with DinoBucks
  • Sortability options in Dinodex
  • Incubators Give us the ability to choose the Dinos from a pool you have provided,reward will pop up with 2 choices(for Commons,Rares and Epics)
  • Emergency Supply Drop Drone purchased by DinoBucks and provide scents and Darts
  • Comparison tool for our Dinos
  • Predetermined answers to send to other player after a battle


  • Epic Dinos to Legendary to Unique
    A T-Rex can be legendary at level 21 with 10% boost at Health and Damage and one ability to be added.Then T-Rex can be Unique at level 26 with 10% boost at Health and Damage. DinoBucks will be needed for the creation.

  • Conquest Mode
    Dinosaurs are territorial,so there will be no problem with the lore in the game.There will be standard Strike towers with one Boss or more.The Boss will be determine that this territory is the nest of specific Dino family,Hadrosaurs , Theropods,Pterosaurs,etc etc. The Strike towers [Common(15 level Bosses) ,Rare(20 level Bosses),Epic(25 level Bosses)],after beaten belongs to the player or alliance for a week,and will get daily reward from it.The reward will be determined of the Dino family that represented by the tower. To engage the tower you will need DinoBucks

Something must be done,competition is around the corner,and the game has so much potential.


I actually love most if not all these suggestions. I feel some of them could be done in such a way that whales could spend a fortune on them.

It could cost $200 dino bucks on inventory upgrade then 350 then 500 then 750 then 1000. Which adds up.

But either way this game needs to expand like you mentioned and we need players to add to this post to show support


All of these ideas are really great! Implementing even 2 or 3 of them would make a big difference to an already great game.

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I actually thought that is how trades were going to be. Two players decide on what each other need. I’ll trade 100 A Rare for 100 B Rare, or 100 A Rare for 400 B Common.

You would message the board “I need A and am willing to offer B for it.” If no one wants B, perhaps someone will offer C instead. I can decide to take it or pass and wait.

Someone else mentioned a ‘bank’ of DNA. You put in 100, you get to take out 100 of anything that is in there. To start the pool, everyone has to put in an initial deposit, say 100 Rare and 500 Common of something. People can put in more if they wanted also. If I have an abundance of A, I can dump all I like in the pool, but can only withdraw 100 of something. Anyone who wishes to pull from the pool can, as long as they put in to begin with. Rare for Rare, Common for Common. It takes care of the takers but not givers and there is always something in the pool to choose from. It would take care of my original thoughts. If I want A and someone offers B for it, I put A into the pool and they put in B. We each get to take from there. The trade is right in the messages so if anyone scams the DNA before the trade is enacted, they get the boot! It could be limited to the two withdrawals a day.

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yes, I expected more featurewise from last update as well.
Hope they surprise us on 1.7

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I hope that these ideas have been passed on to the Dev Team.Thx all of you for your supportive answers.
Any idea will be most welcome to expand these suggestions.

I like all of these. I’d even do VIP again.

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Yes this thread needs a lot of love for it to be heard


How about Ocean Dino/Fishes?
When you arrived a point in the Map the screen would turn into Ocean where all the Big Fishes appear.
That would be fun after the Sky Dino!

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. Defuse Button : Where a player can break back a hybrid to its original ingredients DNA. But mut have to pay certain Dinobucks.


So many cool suggestions. And such a pity that Ludia will ignore all of them. Even though they could increase their income with these actions per dinobucks, they will still make the game their silly way.


One thing that needs to be fixed is there is a huge lag issue in the game since 1.6 was released. The battle animation screens are delayed. Drone screen animation is too slow pre and post catch. You don’t need to add these 1 2 3 steps on how to dart dino’s, I think it is pretty self explanatory.

While driving in car even at slow speeds the circle as spinning much more than in the past, causing roads, drops and dinos not to populate the map. Then when I stop to catch a few dinos it usually crashes. This is happening on 6 devices that are a mixture on Iphones and Samsung notes. Previously it would only crash like this on old phones, now it is crashing on all of them, probably on average about every 20 minutes.

Battles from home over wifi for some reason now timeout a lot with the message we are having difficulty connecting to our servers. This was never an issue before for us anyway.

Just some issues we have noticed so far.



I can agree or be neutral about most of those. The only one I’m not sure on is the Evade/Cloak. Right now, there is nothing wrong with an all or nothing on these. How would you suggest they be changed?

Dinocop, ive noticed the same issues…its diturbing a bit. The game is crashing so often that is becoming unplayable

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Maybe a 75% damage reduction on first turn,50% on second and 35% on third.Nullify should apply as it is now.It will be need more of a tactician approach. But i’m sure others will have better ideas.

If that was to happen to cloak/evasion then I’d want a similar nerf to invulnerability and swap in invulnerability.

Or it could be first strike evaded ,then the next one will have 80% to hit.First one landed then the next one will have 100% chance to be evaded.But again i’m sure that someone will come with a better idea.But the concept of all or nothing it’s a little brutal for both parties

I think Cloak as a one turn 100% is fine. Evasive stance… yeah, I can see a reduced percentage being workable.

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Yeah something like that.The main thing is to avoid 3 dodges or 3 landed hits.In that case the game will be predetermined.


Another survey today…
So far Alliance Missions are the same with daily Missions and the same with actions we already do in-game.Give us some quest missions,RPG elements missions,something different.

  • Custom Battles Give the option inside an alliance to have an indoor tournament.4-8-12-16 etc.
    participants in a knockout system or championship

  • Green Supply Drops There are times with 36-48 attempts the hunting is not only difficult but time consumable like Work.A nice idea would be to flood with more green Supply Drops or give us the option when we find a Green Supply Drop to choose what to dart.

ps: It’s something i would like to know for Suggestions in general.The Mods or Ambassadors of the Forum gather all suggestions and deliver them to the Devs.Do they only just pinpoint the links of the Forum to the Devs?Or they decide what suggestion worth it to be mentioned to the Dev team.

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