You thought the raptor tower or indo raptor event was bad, but have you seen


This bad boy :neutral_face:


I will say this… I think I finally “get it” because of this one. Yes its a weak low level dino but because it used damage reduction it was harder to kill than it “should have been”. I mean Im sure we all killed it in 2 hits but thats what I mean. I sent out a lvl19 monostego and it took 2 hits. 1 of the other recent events they used slow, this 1 dmg reduction. Maybe after reading all the “this game sucks, I cant win” post they finally decided to teach people how strategy works


Did you win? :wink: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz… sorry it wouldn’t let me post unless I had at least 20 characters


It was touch and go for a while!