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You will need to know this, ludia

Weekly scents have been restricted to 5 recently, and will continue forever as my best bet. Now that everyone who’s been working on hybrids of exclusive DNAs will not see the day where they can grind through it, you are preemptively getting us tightened up for your countable resources.
There are many guys already running these creatures at max level, unchecked, and are plaguing in top arena. Yet you chose to do nothing but to take it from loyal players.
Wasn’t thinking enough?
Combining this action of extraction, dare I guess, you really want us all to join the exploitation, or see how many would?
I will put it simple and straight: Why don’t we? Because integrity.
Cherish that while you can.


In my country, there is a sort of phrase of people’s mentality which I like to reference in what @TeaRekz has posted.

“If I cannot, you also cannot. If they can do, then I also can do.”

Please reflect Ludia…

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