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You Won! Wait, NO! Actually You Didn't

Just played a match and we were right down to the end. I was set to win it. Before I could strike though the game quit and it said YOU WON!. It even issued me a 15 min incubator, even though I had just received one. It would not let me activate it though.

I restarted the game and was greeted with the message OPPONENT WON! - wait, what? I had been kicking their hindquarters… I had two full dinos left.

Has anyone else seen this. A bug or a hack?

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I’ve seen it. It always seems to happen when I’m clearly winning too.
My personal thought is that it was originally a bug involving connection issues that hackers learned to cause when they are feeling salty.

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Thanks @Fedora. Had not seen this before, so good to know. Was definitely surprising.

Hey jvpeters, it sounds like the results from one of your previous matches could have carried over to the battle you were on. Luckily this is usually due to connection errors rather than from cheaters. However, I can understand it is still frustrating to have that happen. If this happens again, rebooting your game immediately should bring you back into your original match.


Thanks @Ned. That would explain the 15min timer. Will keep it mind if it happens again. Don’t recall it happening before…

Neds solution will work anytime a match ends before it should, granted you can restart your phone and get back into the game before that actually ends. If you get the ypu lose before the match should end restart can return you to match.

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“If this happens again, rebooting your game immediately should bring you back into your original match.” where you are now loosing but hey that’s not our problem.

Velo is death

Sorry you death



It happens to me very rarely. I usually am having some sort of connection issue when it does but I wonder if sometimes you aren’t punished for the opponents connection issue

Regardless it’s connection issues. I get far less of them when my connection is secure ,


The 0 health thing can happen to any one. It happened to my wife (level 15 with a team of average level 17 dinos) definitely not a cheater or spoofer (i know it’s my word over every one else) but somehow the game glitched in her favor and had her utahsino at 0 took a few hits still survived. Eventually utahsino went down

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