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You'd think with all the money they've made

Ludia could afford servers that didn’t totally suck. Funny how every single other data using app on my phone will still work and yet they tell me I have no internet.

Battling is near impossible now since pretty much 3 of 5 get dropped, or glitched out somehow. Lost over 200 trophies today, the majority to glitch losses.

So sick of the half-assed way this company does things.


Decided to play a few during lunch break. 1st game I knock my opponents Erldom down to 800hp, my dio is still at 2200, he swaps and my buttons don’t appear. It takes me 6 tries to reconnect and I’ve lost. Next game no issues but the next game I’m up 1 nothing when my buttons don’t appear and of course I get back just in time to see I’ve lost. Even on stable wifi I’ve had connection issues of late and it’s getting old

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Probably the reason I will actually quit JWA is the always on aspect of the game.

The buttons not appearing glitch happens to me all the time too. So frustrating when you have the match locked up and the button to win it won’t show up, so you lose.

I don’t feel like I should have to restart the app and reconnect after almost every battle just to get the game to work correctly.

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You definitely have to kill and restart the game after a time out because if you don’t and you get a match, it will time out in the middle of the match so you can’t pick your moves and lose.

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today morning:

after 30 seconds countdown, i saw A.I. button. pressed and nothing happened as usual. then after about 10 secs, another 30s countdown started. and reached zero again, then i touched A.I. once more… and battle started: pvp, not A.I.



The buttons not appearing/updating glitch is what drives me bonkers about this game. So many times my opponent has won because all I could use was the basic move.

wouldn’t it be supposedly simple develop a system that keeps pinging both players, and if someone didn’t respond, or restarted game session, battle is cancelled for both?


That makes sense. There are times I’m playing someone and they could have taken me out but all was done was the basic move. It was because their game buttons were not showing.

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mmmm, this also could be exploited i suppose.

people matched against a stronger team, or starts to loose, simply could close app to cancel.

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It’s only a rumor but, some people believe it is a hack.

Ludia calls it a glitch to be professional since hacks can be harder to prevent.

A while back a youtuber discretely mentioned a cheat method that guaranteed a win being used by cheaters in a tournament. He didn’t come out and define it but some of us knew it was a hack to force the other person to lose connection.


The main problem whether it be a hack or a glitch has the same solution fix your sloppy coding so it being a hack wouldnt make it any less difficult to fix.

If this were a hack being used at the top of a tournament we would hear about it on here. Because the same people play each multiple times in a row up their. If someone was being disconnected against one particular opponent all the time we would be hearing about it more often.

That and Ludias networking code fails spectacularly during all aspects of the game not just arena. There network code is so bad they put a failsafe in for being disconnected in the middle of darting that we can use to redo darting attempts.

So while its possible someone has figured out how to exploit the glitch I feel like 9/10 it happens is just this games terrible network codes… i had to restart the game 5 times the other day just to log in… thats with fast stable wifi and a good phone that has no issue with other apps.


This way if a player knows they are going to lose, they would just close the application and prevent the other player from wining. That is not a good solution.


yes, i realized that…

well… maybe they must then manage connection better, to stabilize things avoiding connection lost.

what about an “auto pause” option? if a player didn’t make move, or client didn’t answer ping, the battle is paused and a countdown starts, waiting for connection establish again… if countdown ends, and player don’t connect again, the other wins anyway (or battle keeps going to the end). exploit avoided.

sometimes i only need to restart jwa, but the battle don’t pause, then after a full minute restarting, i already lost a dino (and chances of battle itself).

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