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Your 3 Favorite Themes? [POLL]

I’m just interested to see what themes people like. Not including the holiday themes since those are generally always super good but only once a year.

  • Armored
  • Counter
  • Cunning
  • Debuff
  • Fallen Kingdom
  • Fast
  • Fierce
  • Fliers
  • High HP
  • Hybrid Legacy
  • Immune
  • Lockdown
  • Stunning

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Bumping to show more people. Not surprised by Armor but fairly surprised by Debuff being so low.

I voted for Armored (Titan :P), Debuff and Stunning.

I like Fierce, Armored, and Cunning, in no particular order. These are the ones I get dinos I need but rarely see from most of the time. Except Fierce, I just really like T-Rex. :grin:

Also, I just want to make note that I didn’t vote for Fast even though it has my favorite dinosaur, Velociraptor. If it was top 5, Fast and either Stunning or High HP would’ve been the last two. Not sure if I like Stunning or High HP more, though.

I actually confused debuff with cunning :woman_facepalming:

I thought Kentrosaurus is in cunning, because I remember Proceratomimus with Kentrosaurus, but after voting I realized they are together because of the slow and not nullifying (which Kentrosaurus doesn’t even have). :laughing: :woman_facepalming:

How is debuff so low. Thats kentro week. Everybody complains about lack of kentro and doesn’t like kentro week. Logic…


Apparently raptor pack and erlik g2 are more important than kentro :joy:

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Yea cunning is koola lol and i believe mono

Well, maybe others are idiots as well, like me, confusing the event names :woman_facepalming: :woman_shrugging:

Most people might’ve, but not me. I actually did mean to vote for Cunning and not Debuff. lol

There’s something super fun about playing with an immune creature and a counter attack creature. Also the nullifying (which I think means debuff, in this case? Sorry I’m a few drinks in haha) is super fun when someone uses cloak or evasive stance and my dino is like nahhhh you just wasted a turn, bro. :laughing::love_you_gesture:t2:

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Debuff is putting negative effects on the opponent like Slowing and Distracting. Nullifying is negating opponent’s positive effect like Speed increased, Shield, Cloak, Evasive and Ferrocity.
This is what I get. Tell me if I am wrong.

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Why thank ya! I’m glad someone was nice enough to explain that to me haha
But yeah in my opinion the best dinos are the immune and counters, because those are the ones I find people forget the most about. Like someone will use instant distraction on my Tryo, then has zero effect.
Or someone thinks they have a battle in the bag and I switch to a counter attack dino (miragia is the only common and only counter on my team, I absolutely love her) and then they’re donezo. But certain dinos have pretty useless counter attacks, such as trago. So you gotta find a good one with the armor piercing attacks, otherwise it pretty much does nothing.

I vote to Fierce only for those Irritator…:rofl::rofl:

I wonder why high HP got only around 10%…
That’s the only event containing Ourano!
(Don’t know why but Stunning event don’t contain Ourano)


I voted cunning since it has both dilos and mono. Debuff is good but I don’t use any tuo hybrids at the moment. And fierce has irritator which is amazing, but otherwise the other days are meh. Rex is great but it’s also easier to get then mono sino or Ourano.

Looks like everyone needs anky for tryko! I concur also needing bucket loads after finishing dio!

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I like armorded cunning,fallen kingdom,fast, fierce,high hp,immune and stunning.

Debuff is kentro week.

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Kentro week has tuo too.

I would go for any anky, sino, ourano or irritator week there was lol I need all 4 of them,
but my top 3 favorites are armor (15 attempts) fierce (Irritator, trex gen 1 + 2), and hybrid legacy (anky, sino, rex)
4th favorite being high hp for ourano + para + allo
5th favorite being debuff for kentro + tuo
and 6th favorite cunning for dilo g2 + dilo g1 + mono