Your 5 starters?

Due to the way the game works, we all have 5 starters (whether we realize it or not :slightly_smiling_face:).

What are your 5 and why?


  1. Stegodeus. Just such a safe start. I love to start stegodues, cleanup with dilo, and end with i do if I can.

  2. Indoraptor. I really believe its also a very safe start with cleansing, speed, evasive and defense shattering. A good answer to many things.

  3. Diloracheirus - not my fav starter, but can usually hit turn 1, and stun then run turns 2 and 3. Works vs even stego if the levels arent too far off. Wont kill it, but it will live to see another day. Sadly, so many high level stegos make this unfeasible a lot if the time. Great vs indo, Raptors, spino, and the monos.

  4. Spinotasuchus. Eh. Kinda versatile. Bleed every other turn easily, 1 okish hit. Can swoop, which is winderfuo vs counterattackers. Dies easily withiur hard swapping to many common openers.

  5. Irex. If im starting irex, I pulled my entire 4th string team. Generallly a bad starter, can sometimes catch folks off guard or get lucky. Cant wait to replace him with utarinex …


problem with stego is that he takes away your 3 and 4 by using ss. thats why i cant start with those.

  1. deus
  2. indo
  3. mono
  4. spino
  5. dilocherious
    i guess, since thats my team. ss really messes things up for alot of starters and im growing tired of it.

if i had a utahsin 20 and up i may consider that my top starter

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  1. stegod
  2. monomi
  3. dilorano
  4. indom
  5. rest of my team are bad starters ayy lmao
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My 4 starters :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. tryostonixs: Start off the game with immunity, and if the dino is slower then rtc followed by dsr.
  2. utasinoraptor: Fast, packs a punch. The critical hit combo with instant charge can be deadly. Great for bypassing ss. Not to mention, the most beautiful dino in the game :heart_eyes: why not open with her.
  3. spinotasuchus: Fast, and very useful as a bleeder. When timing dot with swoop, it’s fun watching their health vanish. Not to mention the criticals.
  4. stegodeus: She is the queen of tanks. Can counter pretty much everything. I’d open with her if the other three weren’t available.

I like to end with my Indo for a nice surprise lol. Make them earn that win :joy:


Utarinex, Tryko, Stegod, Indo, Tryos

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I never start with stegod - because you can count on the other person doing it at least half the time. I start with nullifiers and/or immunity. If the other person starts with a stegod it may kill my opener, but I can usually kill it with my follow up - and if it works out to be my gorgo, well… their follow up is usually toast too.


I always like to start off with a passive dino. So out of my team my 5 starters would be:

  1. Postimetrodon
  2. Ankylocodon
  3. Pyrritator
  4. IRex

I left IRex to last because I really don’t like to use it first if I don’t have to. Although if I add a 5th one it would be Stegoceratops, but just like IRex I really don’t like to use it first if I don’t have to.

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I honestly dont have a true starter 5. I have 3 raptorials (fast damage)(utahsino,pyrritor and monomimus) 1 tank killer (irex) 4 tanks(monostego, stegod, tragod,alankylo) and whichever i have 2 copies of i start with that. If i have for example pyrritor utahsino irex and a tank i start with pyrritor because i have enough damage in hand. If i have utahsino pyrritor and 2 tanks i start with utahsino since i might need pyrritor damage but i have enough survivibility in my hand. Is it confusing. It might be i couldnt tell clearly but short answer: depends on the 4 i got

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Utahsino actually used to be my go-to opener before the stegod dynasty. I think since everyone started using stegod first, players have responded by started with tank busters instead:

Seeing a lot of allosino, tryox and the occasional tryko… so now I start with a Dino that’s anti-tank buster :sweat_smile:

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yeah. sometimes they give my deus a run for its money.

I used to lead with stegod almost exclusively but man, it got really boring really fast.

Lol, I can’t tell you how many matches started with stegod vs stegod l…

Lately I’ve been mixing it up more and waiting to play it. There are times I’d lose the game but probably would’ve won if I started it the usual way… the variety in matches is worth the loss (at least for me, and now that the tournaments over)

I am glad that the trend to use different starters is finally taking off… at least until the next meta :joy:

I like starting with a nullifier if I can because I still see so many people start with Irex. Ideally, Monomimus or Suchotator for me. Stegod only if I don’t have a better choice. Also monosteg of that’s my only nullify dino.

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My 5 starters are:

1: Ankylocodon

2: Stegoceratops

3: Pyroraptor

4: Postimetrodon

5: Monolophosarus

That last one is kinda iffy because I like to save her for Rexy, Allo or anyone that hits hard like them, and they don’t usually come out first.

Sorry spelling takes me too long even after months here. I’m hiding Stegod the opponent always has higher. More Stegosaurus plus. But if I had the bottom row could play Indom or Stegod.

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I love posty… felt so bad when I had to bench mine.
How has it been working out for you in your arena ?
(I guess pretty well since it’s your lead ?)

is the gator reliable at that level?

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I’m Arena 8.seem to live here. Posti kills 26 Stegod and Tragod openers. Random of course vs evade cloakers.


I’m leveling it hard as I can. But it keeps its place in the team. Obviously it’s a swap to and finish off. But it’ll ferocity kill a Utahsinoraptor 1 shot if it didn’t get duffed like someone swaps to Utah.

so posti over tryo anyday?

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