Your 5 top weakest creature and what would you change?


Hi everyone,here i put a top about your 5 weakest creature and please,name the reason.about why are they weakest than the others?
Plus,if you would change something in the game,what it would be.

Top weakest creature:
1-Dracorex gen 2:Mediocre stats,no goods ability except the “hit and run” and the 20% chance of stun which is poor,no armor,no crit and to finish no use to make any hybrid,One of the worst dino actually,it just have no use(except trolling)need a rework.
2-stygimoloch gen 2:Same as dracorex,one of his cousin,pretty mediocre stats ,no crit and no armor,one different ability from his cousin which replace the 20% chance of stun by 10% more speed and still no possibility to make any hybrid.need a rework.
3-Suchomimus:his stats are not so good,hard to find in the nature and his abilities are one of the worst,normal strike which is pointless and lethal wounds which deal only 30,66DMG.No armor and no crit damage make this one very poor.
Hopefully,you can make an hybrid with irritator gen 2 to creat the suchotator.
4-The sarcosuchus: a copy of purussaurus gen 2 with a bit more health,less damage ,slower and 4
less chance to deal crit.His abilities are a bit more interesting than the 3 previous creature with vulnerability strike which grant you to deal 50% more dmg next turn (if you can hit your enemy next turn because of the 110 speed)and the lockdown impact whichdeal 1,5* dmg.
Interesting fact,you can creat the sarcorixis with his DNA but sarcosuchus itself is a bad version of the purrusaurus gen 2.
5- Monolophosaurus GEN 2:except his decent speed of 127,he his pretty weak,his skills are nullifying strike which cancel eny bonus of the opponent and distracting impact which deal 1,5* damage and reduce the target’s damage by 50% for the 2 next turn.Hecan’t be use to create any hybrid.

What i would change in the game:
Well,as you know,there is day’s creature and night’s creature:If you didn’t know,there’s a link on the bottom:

But when you see the common night creature,they are all used to creates the rares hybrid (the easiest to create if you prefer)
Majundasuchus;majungasaurus + nundasuchus (Both are common NIGHT creatures)
Ankylocodon: Ophiacodon + ankylosaurus gen2 (Both are common NIGHT creatures)
Suchotator:suchomimus + irritator gen2 (I never find both in the wild,NEVER,only in chests)
Diplotator:Diploccaulus + irritator gen2 (I find rarely diplocaulus in the wild)
Einiasuchus:Einiosaurus + nundasuchus (Both are common and NIGHT creatures)
So,as you can see,to creat the easiest hybrid when you live the day,its harder than creat the epic hybrid which is not logical.So,you need either to creat rare hybrid with day’s creatures or implement more common day’s creature than stegosaurus and apatosaurus.


Hmm…I’d say my top 5 weakest creatures (or meh and unusable at this time) for me are as follows:

  1. Iguanodon — fairly common, but limited moveset compared to other quadriped herbivores
  2. Lythronax — Counter-attack is good, but limited moveset restricts usage in upper arenas
  3. Edmontosaurus – decent moves, but like the other hadrosaurs, no hybrid–so why level it up past Lv. 10?
  4. Tenontosaurus – see explanation for Edmontosaurus
  5. Triceratops Gen 2 – limited moveset with slightly worse stats than Trike Gen 1; restricts usage except in lower tier arenas.

So my suggestion would be to consider implementing a hybrid for one of the three main hadrosaurs in the game—preferably Tenotosaurus or Edmontosaurus.

With regard to the day/night cycle and hybrids, @shining, I would agree that it’s a little more challenging to get hybrid component DNA since update 1.3. Before the update, it was pretty easy to harvest Einiosaurus Nundasuchus DNA because they were daytime spawns. That being said, I’m a little surprised that you have trouble finding Suchomimus…I don’t find them in my neighborhood, but they’re just about as common as Allosaurus in some of the other areas that I frequent. Just takes a bit of looking and hunting is all–best of luck!