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Your best dino

Cunnings go brrr


Yeah I know he put all damage boosts into that Mortem and one shotted uniques with Mortem having 3612 attck which blew my mind away. I almost peed my pants LOOOOL.

Mine is my lvl 27 Grylenken. 4347 health, 1890 attack, and 149 speed

And leave myself completely vulnerable to powerful Cunnings? Why on Earth would I do that?

I straddle the line between Gryosphere Depot and Nublar Shores. So trust me, I not only know what kind of endgame meta there is up here because I regularly face it, but I also know what works and what doesn’t. :rofl:

Mortem’s a fantastic Fierce creature, but it’s lack of a No Escape or On Escape ability leaves it incredibly vulnerable in the Swap Meta.

Unless that changes, I’m going to have to drop it from my team when Phorurex is ready.


They way he described GB’s mortem vid makes me think of a child. Just interested in the biggest numbers rather than if a creature is realistically any goodm


Wdym lol what did i say?

dude i know how to distribute my health,attack and speed boosts properly man. I don’t just downright smash the upgrade attack boost button i look at the health attack and speed of the dinos and see what would benefit the creature the most cuz i know that quite a few of them hybrids have to areas that need buffing with boosts so for example erlidom (which nobody uses lol except for some) needs stat buffing with the health and i guess attack.

You’re projecting. I didn’t actually say anything about if you could distribute boosts properly or not.

the point is that i don’t mainly focus on one specific area like the GamingBeaver did with his Mortem Rex and speaking of this why hasn’t he posted ANY JWA, JWTG and Isle videos??

Hey everyone, let’s keep things on topic and civil please :sauropod: Have fun sharing your best dinos!


Ok I will.

@Tristan_Yamamoto could you chill and let people have their fave dino


yeah i will

I like TheGamingBeaver as much as any YouTuber alright, but trust me kid, Mortem has fallen out of the meta-relevance. It’s still an excellent Fierce creature, but it’s lack of On Escape or No Escape leaves it vulnerable to Swap In abilities. Not to mention, a Hadros that’s boosted right can still take Mortem down if Mortem’s Rampage is unavailable.

Mammolania and Hadros, on the other hand, still handle themselves pretty well in this meta, and are still some of the best Resilients in the game (only ever truly outclassed by the Deer, but that’s an entirely different issue).

But I am glad for you that Mortem is your favorite.


I know The Gaming Beaver is a long time player but to be fair he doesn’t seem to know much about the meta. After the testa nerf he said it wasn’t good now and almost unusable when in reality it is almost as op as it was before that. Only to say that you should take what he says or does with a grain of salt but don’t get me wrong, I really like his vids about JWA.


Very based team

This makes me want a naming option for creatures. This is what my team would be:
Reaper (Phorurex)
Gladios (Tenontorex)
Titanic (Skoonasaurus)
Medusa (Spinoconstrictor)
Ripper (Acrocanthops)
Juggernaut (Testacornibus)
Doomsday (Antarctovenator)
Behemoth (Monolorhino)

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Sounds about right


Pretty sure Mammo destroys Mortem and Thor if it’s faster

Also other than Indotaurus(and Mortem/Thor to some extent)is there any other pure fierce meta creature?

Why is my post being flagged? I didnt do anything illegal but just post a video