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Your best dino

This makes me want a naming option for creatures. This is what my team would be:
Reaper (Phorurex)
Gladios (Tenontorex)
Titanic (Skoonasaurus)
Medusa (Spinoconstrictor)
Ripper (Acrocanthops)
Juggernaut (Testacornibus)
Doomsday (Antarctovenator)
Behemoth (Monolorhino)

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Sounds about right


Pretty sure Mammo destroys Mortem and Thor if it’s faster

Also other than Indotaurus(and Mortem/Thor to some extent)is there any other pure fierce meta creature?

Why is my post being flagged? I didnt do anything illegal but just post a video

haha :smile: 10 chars

Not trying to argue but you did ever realize that he is dyslexic?

He mentioned that he is dyslexic in many of his videos so yeah


T.rex and Allosinosaus LOL.??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What does dyslexic mean

Means really bad memory in short definition.

It’s the difficulty of learning to read in short.

individuals with dyslexia can have trouble distinguishing letters and symbols from each other. They can also have difficulty with mixing up words while reading.


Lol my definition was wrong :rofl:

You confused it with dementia.

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