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Your Biggest Comeback

Just today, a random gorgosuchus proved rather troublesome because my orion was taken down already by a level 29 thor. Grypo was badly damaged, gemini was down. Indominus was my last bet.

Revenge cloak, strike, dead gorgo. Got both dodges. He brought out his indo. He went for cleansing impact, I used my final cloak. Dodge. He went for evasive. Funny thing is, I was thinking “You gonna go down a tryer or a coward?” Then when I saw him go evasive, I said “ok, you chose the coward route. Fair enough.” I was actually expecting not to hit through, but sure enough, 6k damage took that thing right down.

One dino made all the difference.

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There was one a couple days ago, I started with Gem, met an OB Thor, revenge killed with Max, he brought Spyx, set that up so Lhx could finish, he brings in Rinex, and I barely survive a Crit, he swapped to Daryx, I healed, and then he swooped away from RR, I then swapped to Rhino, he swapped back to Daryx, and then it was over, I wasn’t expecting to win, all were 26+

About 2 days ago my team was almost wiped by a level 24 boosted thor. I had 2 points and he had 2 points. So my last hope was my level 18 moth. He came in and I went for pfs and he went for his instant charge lucky no crit so he was low hp so he started to swap. I was able to heal from that and a level 23 tarbo came in I got in 2 pfs with him not getting a another crit on his attack then a group sharting impact bam dead and I won.