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Your biggest sacrifice

What has been the biggest sacrifice for/in Jurassic world alive.

For: Leaving Roblox
In: Spending all my bucks on 1 epic scent

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I’m not quite sure what you mean, could you please elaborate a bit more sorry.

What you had to do that hurt in the game or for the game.

Ex. Spending $100 on an incubator (Not real)

Like that

Ah ok.

Me spending 20000 bucks on boosts yesterday

O_O I’m sure it was worth it

Eh yes. I was sick of waiting for a boost discount and because there were 1500 SB on sale I just said, why not, and bought them all.

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I did the same in 2019

I’d say my biggest sacrifice is when I spent 200,000 coins to unlock the grinch. Was it worth it? It almost was.

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Probably the biggest sacrifice I have made is spend coin on creatures I would otherwise never do (mostly for raids) or spending coin on creatures I wouldn’t want to for achievements.

I spent too much on boosts and got my credit card canceled as a result


I had to make a lot of sacrifices but the only thing I remember now was taking Purut out of my team to put Tarkus in place.

Biggest regret rn: when I boosted my indoraptor GEN 2 with tier 8 on both attack and health for mortem raifs

buying the dumb raren scent

Spending 200 bucks i saved up when i was level 7 so i could retry Ankylosaurus strike event. It was worth it tho. I haven’t spent any money on the game and ive saved up 1470 bucks. Would have over 2000 if i didn’t spend any.

Mine was recent. Spending all my bucks on coin to beat a strike event just to fail.

Mine is playing the arena every day. That’s a very big sacrifice.

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