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Your Bumpy

Sense Bumpy is the creature of the month what level do you have Bumpy on I have her on 16 and I put her on my team today

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I still have mine at 11 but I will eventually level her up

Nice when are you going to level her up

If I were still in game I wouldn’t really bother leveling her up until she gets a hybrid or something, so mine would be at 11 the entire time lol

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Mine is still lv11, have enough DNA for 15 but these dam apexs are so dam expensive :rofl:

I think I have her at 18th level at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get enough DNA to raise her to 22nd with the rest of my collection. I wish she was better though.

I’m keeping myn level 11 in case it gets a hybrid otherwise it’s wasted dna

When she gets a hybrid

I’ll just leave her at 15 like the rest of my epics that don’t have hybrids yet.

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Mine’s at lvl 13 and in the team

If you care about her potential Legendary hybrid and you’re not using her for anything else you really shouldn’t be levelling her past 15