Your daily (day 30) "Gift"

Mine wasn’t all that great and I feel not worth logging in everyday.

What did y’all get?

Dimodactylus :man_shrugging:

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Concavenator :unamused:

Magundaboa. Whatever.

Can’t remember what I got but it was one I didn’t want/need & plenty of. Would have been happy with concavenator, haven’t even started that!

Can’t event remember what it was. Probably not important.


Thought the 30 day one would be something a little better tbh

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Gorgosuchus :see_no_evil:

Edaphosaurus for me

Darwinopterus atleast i need it for daryx

Dodo 🦤 for me

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Underwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe this new addition.

The rewards through the month leading up to todays crap were no more than a spin of a supply drop.

I doubt very much that any player has logged in every day that didn’t before will have been encouraged to do so because of this pointless addition.


I got Rhinc

Scutters. Could have been worse by the looks of it.

But agree, this is hardly an “incentive” for anyone but the newest player.

Who cares? Free stuff!


I got 150 epic deer (yea not spelling that)

225 Edapho. I am fine with this one.

In the future, please use exclusives as a 30-day gift. Park spawns are good to me, but some may have plenty. Global and local spawns are only good incentives to newcomers, useless to long-term players.

Orangosaurus(sorry if misspelt

Agreed with other who had a similar response. Can’t remember, it was so useless, I didn’t even use a brain cell to remember it.

scorpius rex gen 2