Your dino team?

What’s your team?
My team is:
7 amargasaurus, 14 velociraptor, 14 euoplocephalus, 10 gorgosaurus, 11 majungasaurus, 9 Charlie, 10 Delta, and 8 echo.
I have 1840 trophies

I’m trying to find a good balance.

Hi, my suggestion is to add VRaptor and Eini in your team… :blush:

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3 armored, 3 raptors, 1 chomper and an ouransaurus (not sure how to categorise that one).

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I’m at 3000 trophies but I can’t ever win in sorna marshes :joy: I just don’t think they’re strong enough yet.

Aww you will get there… Try catch some more velociraptor and good luck finding more t rex dna :+1:

I guess you could classify ouran as a stunner. That’s how I see it and it makes sense with the combat dynamics - you have to face stunners differently than other dinosaurs. Ouranosaurus, triceratops, stegoceratops or parasaurolophus would fit this category

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Voilà mon équipe
Gare à mes raptors !

Doesn’t really matter actually when you’re battling in arena 7.
The system will automatically pit you against significantly overpowered opponents.

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I agree. Stunners, Armor, Raptors, and Teeth.

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Level 14 Velociraptor
Level 12 Pyroraptor
Level 16 Stegosaurus
Level 13 T-rex
Level 12 Stygimoloch
Level 12 Ankylosaurus
Level 11 Rajasaurus
Level 12 Einiasuchus

I’m just now at 2660-2670 and work well, Problem is only T-rex. She doesn’t do enough Criticals, but enemy do almost always.

Still some room for improvement.

Why I don’t see anyone else with a gorgosuchus? It’s a beast

@Mrmtty20 I saw few caprosuco in my neighborood, now she is only level 6 so I am not able to fuse her dna with my level 11 gorgosauro.

Do you all see any changing of the dino spawn in the nest near you? So far I saw the same dino spawing in the same area, not only talking about rare dinos, even common dinos like iguanodonte or deinocheiro don’t spaw near my city, I have them just level 2 :sweat_smile: I think I will take a trip ouf on my region this weekend to visit an historical city and of course catch some other dinos! :yum:

Majundasuchus does useful?

yeah it’s a pretty fast dino that also counters velociraptor. It has a cleanse ability so it removes the decreased attack, along with the passive: counterattack you can get it in 1 turn.

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which one should i change for majundasuchus