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I know many were wishing for the end of ProRat’s Reign, but Im pretty sure nobody wanted Dodgers to be made completely useless. Almost every creature now has anti-dodge moves, which really doesnt make sense since some of the creatures that have it isnt even justifiable. For one dodgers can now be slowed, so this new resurgence of Definite Rip-off moves is just plain overkill. Every time I set up an Erlidom with Cloak, BAM Resilient Strike. Personally, I dont like the path Ludia is taking, which is the CS Route. I like moves that multitask as much as the next guy, but making it extremely common is not the way to go. Im interested on what yall think about this, do yall think Dodgers are more situational, even more useful, or just plain garbage?

  • Dodgers are waaaay better
  • Dodgers are now situational
  • Dodgers are plain garbage
  • Im neutral

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I hate to say it but dodge/cloak is now a pointless ability. Too many creatures counter it for it to be worth taking now.


It may be really bad now but that x3 it’s crazy :eyes:, and i have seen that the Dodge last 2 turns :thinking:


Look at all unique dodgers:

  1. Erlidom and Orion are still very powerful and that’s not going to change.
  2. With bleed being useful again, Constrictor is strong too.
  3. Indoraptor is the only underpowered one tbh. He has one clear advantage tho, he’s very easy to level up. My arena experience proves that overleveling him keeps him alive

What about lower arenas? Well, look. Dodgers are now specialised to counter chompers. And they do that well, better than distracters. Look at that monster called Allo G2. Tell me how to counter him without dodging.
So, I think you are exaggerating. Dodgers are now way more situational but far from plain garbage. You just get used to them being good against everything (also because most dodgers were immune) and can’t accept the change


Laughs in Resiliant Attacks

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In addition to what I already said, back when dodgers were nerfed (Where Dodge cant actually dodge the full damage anymore) people were saying back then that Dodgers were situational. Interesting that some people still view that as it is, since for one: They can now be slowed, 2nd none are actually fully immune anymore, 3rd Dodge is more or less made useless by the new Resilent moves (Which was more or less distributed to every single creature). Change my opinion.

P.S. I guess Dodge is still situational, just waaaay less


Resilient attacks are counters to dodge, just like Fierce are to shields and armor. Dodgers shouldn’t beat tanks, resilient attacks are perfectly fine. Resilient attacks massacre distracters too, but I don’t see you all complaining about distraction being useless (ofc it’s not). You’re just fixated on that dodge, idk why

But you dont get that there are plenty more counters to Dodgers that are already in the game. Def. Moves, Precise Moves/Counter-Attacks, Rake Moves/Counter-Attacks. Right now it seems like Ludia is trying to incorporate Anti-Dodge capabilities to every single creature, which is just plain overkill to Dodge moves. Though no point in arguing when Im fixated to it being trash, while youre fixated to it still being useful, just gonna have to agree to disagree :man_shrugging:

Have you had much luck with Constrictor in the arena lately? If it’s doing well enough I might start running mine again.

As for Erlidom, Instant Invincibility lasts for 2 turns now. That means Tryko, Maxima, Gemini or Dio could take it out without taking any damage. Quetzorion has a similar problem, thanks to the Nullifying Rampage nerf.

The only creatures that are left to counter without resilient moves anyway are Thor and Allosino, and that’s basically it. Tyrannolophosaur is rare and Tryostronix has been nerfed.

Edit: and Erlidom, but that’s specific to Quetzorion.

My experience with dodging is like my experience with the Indominus. My luck with RNG stinks.

If I fought an Indominus, it was a one-shot superweapon. It killed whatever I had with the big hit from cloak, then fought with my other animals. I usually missed it twice, but I did get a fair number of one hit/one misses. Of the 10 times I used it, my Indominus killed exactly two enemies.

If I used a dodge in version 1 of the game, I got hit almost every time. If I attacked a dodger, I almost always missed. If I tried to dodge, I got hit. Since 2.0 released I have sent my pet Deinonychus out do fight in a few strike towers, and have had decent success with my dodges, but I wouldn’t care to try it competitively.

One thing this game has taught me is to avoid luck-based strategies. Always go for the sure thing over the RNG, because the RNG will usually make me lose.

They need to give dodge moves 100% dodge chance again so they can do better against the like .5% of top tiers that can’t deal with dodge anymore. I agree that the resilient moves totally killed dodgers. Especially since most of them can now be slowed

Erlidom isn’t a 1v1 creature, he’s better as a finisher. When possible, by using Revenge Cloak, when not, by just using Rampage which is raw 3000 DMG with 40% crit. Then he can swap out (for example into SiD Orion or SiSS Rhino) and return, finishing what swapper did. I use him and he’s not going anywhere.

NR nerf was unneccessary and hurts indeed. But remember that it can be blocked only by armor, Orion is immune to distraction. By using LI and SS correctly (you have to win mindgames), he can survive to do two rampages, and that’s around 6000 DMG

I don’t use Constrictor but faced against him mamy times in 2.0. If you face a creature that has an ability that can remove dodge, time ES well to block attack that can be dodged. Like Tryko’s DSR. Then opponent will try to remove dodge, so use PR to deal good amount of damage. May be enough to finish him off and if not, to left him very weakened. I’m actually thinking of using him

I don’t day it’s useful. I say it’s specialised, just how I voted. But not plain garbage, that’s just wrong

Evasive Stance has been nerfed to 50%, apparently. Also, Quetzorion’s Sidestep is useless against most meta creatures.

Ouch. Somehow I missed that. It must return to 75%

SS is very useful. Just use it right, when you predic that opponent is not going to use a dodge removing move. For example, against Tryko’s DSR or against Maxima’s DSR or GT.

And now several Dodge skills has only 50% chance to work :'D

This is indeed stupid. They must go back to 75%

Let’s say Quetzorion tool a Resilient Impact while dealing the previous Null Rampage. It will have taken 3100 damage. Then it Sidesteps the DSR. It will take an additional 1023 damage, taking it out. Quetzorion just doesn’t have the health for that.

And that isn’t even accounting for crits.

I feel like it’s a double-edge sword where you can do more damage but most creatures are able to land damage on you.