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Your dream team... with a twist

No uniques.

What would your dream team be? I have to think about mine still, but will post when I have it sorted out.

What about you?

For now I know I would have indom and indom2 - maybe thyla, dimo, ardonto… not too sure.


my dream team (with no uniques) all at level 30 would be:

Stegodeus - First legendary I created so he has a spot in my heart for now and forever.
Suchotator - Easily my favorite Rare hybrid, I love mines to death.
Postimetrodon - Easily tied for being my all-time favorite hybrid in-game.
Alloraptor - Honestly he looks amazing so he’d probably be on it just cause of that.
Tryostronix - A hybrid I love purely based on his design/colors I light up whenever I see one.
Phorusaura - I love birds and prehistoric terror ones are no exception! Probably my favorite of the birds of Jwa (other than Erlidom if she counts)
Spinonyx - Just cause of his Colors.
and finally
Gorgosaurus - My favorite non-hybrid dinosaur in-game currently. Blue being one of my favorite colors and Trex being cool as all heck the two being combined is simply amazing.


Tryos is a must for me. Phorusaura because I really do love the look and the kit of it. Mammotherium is also looking amazing as far as kit and design. Tyrannolophosaur, Alankylosaurus, Thylacotator, Carbotocertatops, and Dsungaia to finish it off. Pretty well rounded with tanks, chompers, and a couple of faster guys as well.

Maybe Ardonto in there as well being one of the few true counters to Indo 2 :joy:.


my dream team (no uniques)

smiloceph - love the combos i can pull off with her
Alloraptor - Combines 2 of my favorite dinos into one and i love it.
Thyla - very good at what she does. I also cant pass up her crit chance.
indo g2 - love indoraptor in general, so even if nerfed she still has a spot.
Cobonemys- i like turtles. And she is very good against anything non chompy and with little armor
Carnotarkus/ Purutarus - rending counter is a favorite ability of mine.
Ardontosaurus- Has a good kit and high hp.
Blue - my favorite raptor



Dsungaia, Phorusaura, Mammotherium, Alloraptor, Thylacotator, Sarcorixis, Carbotoceratops, Bajatodon.


My team would be Utasino, Suchotator, Indo Gen 2 (sorry just really like it), Thyla, Sarcorixis, Stegodeus, and both Indoms.

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There’s actually quite a few that I would like on my team but that would be over the 8 creature limit.

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Hmmm I chose gorgo, stego, thyla, indom, carboceratops,tyros,woolly mammoth, and monomumis

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I would probably use
Erlikosaurus- I have a lot of good memories with this dinosaur
Sarcosuches- favorite Dino
Spinotahsuches- lethal wound into swoop is OP
Ardontosaurus-best legendary sauropod(in my opinion)
Dilophpsaurus gen 2- insane attack
Pirritator- good moveset
Gryposuches- just cause
Erlikogamma- pretty good dinosaur


Dsungaia - looks weird but interesting and it’s super fun to use with the varied moveset and counter
Utasinoraptor - one of the veterans of my team, and was my favourite in the game until Quetzorion
Carbotoceratops - he’s so derpy but I love him and after using him he’s grown on me
Tryostronix - fast immune chomper who looks awesome and I used it a lot
Bajatonodon - spiky hadrosaur, OP moveset, what else can I say?
Alloraptor - design is one of the best in the game, and I like how it’s a tank-killing glass cannon
Gorgosuchus - looks cool and is strong for an epic, sweeping potential
Megalosuchus - although not as good as it’s epic component, it looks amazing and it’s fun to use nonetheless


I’ve played this game since global release and I’ve had a ton of dinosaurs that I’ve come to love. Here are the very best of them

  1. Monomimus.
    Because it’s a beautiful awesome Dinosaur! At one point Monomimus was THE dinosaur. I remember during the first tournaments I was trying to figure out the absolute best eight Dinosaurs, Monomimus was one of the best. I thought it was awesome how much it could do, plus I loved the Dodge mechanics and RNG back then.

  2. Monostegotops.
    This is my longest standing team member I unlocked it before I even knew what it was. Back when Monosteg had it’s double Null move set it was the very definition of balance. I wish it had kept it’s first build but I enjoyed it’s second kit too, Distraction helped give a new edge. Then the decided Ceratopsians needed Reworked and tried really hard to make irrelevant, it’s attack and kit was great. Now they sorta turned it into a mini rat, but I’m going to use it anyway. It was also a huge help in a lot of the early Master strike towers we’ve faced like the 30 Tyrannosaurus rex strike, and the 30 Indoraptor Strike.

  3. Procerathomimus.
    This dino is one of my favorite mainly because it was basically a reskinned Monomimus. I like it’s original build and it’s kit was perfect. It was at its best with the original dodging mechanics. It looks nice and it’s just a really cool Ornithomian Dinosaur with immunity.

  4. Spinotasuchus.
    Another beautiful hybrid that is uhhhh-mazing! The color and the design is sooo good and it’s really strong and balanced. It always reminds me of a mythical sea dragon, plus it was a great tyrant dino that I actually had. It’s back on my team and I plan on bringing it with me as high as I can.

  5. Stegoceratops.
    The old tyrant was the most reliable dino in my team, too reliable if you asked my opponents.
    It’s actually a dinosaur I think about bringing to 30.
    It’s a part of my Dream Team loadout in JWA Field guide.

  6. Postometridon.
    This was one of my early strike team members, probably one of my first Epics ever. It’s beautiful and it was a great immune. It was my favorite Stegoceratops killer. It was reliable dino that I planned on keeping permanently on my team, but Ludia decided to nerf it for no reason whatsoever.

  7. Stegodeus.
    This was my second Legendary. I like the disign, at the time it was uniqe. I liked the powerful Superiority Strike, an absolutely amaxmzing tournament dino do i heard, it could counter 50% of all things.

  8. ???
    This last spot is shared with multiple great hybrids I’ve enjoyed over the year. I’ve had so many I enjoyed I can’t decide who I’d pick, therefore I will pick them all and just swap them out. They are

  • Suchatator.
    This easy to obtain and level dino is definitely one of my favorites. Living in L4 very hard, but it gave me more than enough DNA to level this neat dino. It’s so nice having 4 uniqe abilities, it’s a great control Dinosaur. It’s off the team 'cause to many immunes run around the library, and it takes way too Manny coins too fuse and level. This was my go two strike tower monster.

  • Gorgasuchus.
    This was an ugly dino that was an absolute beast in the arena. I planned on keeping it in my team permanently with Postosuchus and Stegoceratops. I loved being able to Finnish off an opposing dino with Ferocity Strike and just obliterating the next one. Those where fun days :sunglasses:

  • Alankylosaurus.
    This was my favorite Tank, it’s swap in Invincibility is great for stoping Indoms and Erkidoms. It is really versatile and fun for me. It’s got an interesting design and a cool color too! I really like it’s assortment of shields. It has been a great Strike tower monster, and it’s another Ankylosaurus hybrid!

  • Utasinoraptor.
    This dinosaur’s designer is a genius!:star_struck:
    It’s perfectly designed and overly string stats make this a very cool dino! It’s got a great kit that makes it one if the very best control Dinosaurs any it’s stunning beauty just makes may opponent just stare and forget to pick moves…or maybe they just rage quit because they don’t like it’s absolute control over the match. But then Ludia has added a ton of immune and immune to Stun/Distraction Dinos so now it is a perfectly balanced beaut.

  • Alloraptor.
    This cool dino is getting to be a quick fave! It’s cool design and great kit makes it a very powerful hybrid although not very arena viable yet, it’s got a great place in Friendly battles. I sure hope this pretty gurl is given a worthy superhybrid.

  • Ankylocodon.
    This neat hybrid has a great disign and sturdy kit and stats that fit perfectly with each other. This was a perfectly balanced rare dino that I had on my team forever. Its a beloved Anklyosaurus fuse too🤩 (Ankylosaurus is my favorite real Dinosaur).

  • Indoraptor Gen 2.
    Yeah, I know that cautious strike is OP, but this monster is a favorite anyways. It’s nice coloring and cool lore make it special, plus I really love using mutual Fury. I like its disign and once it get balanced I’m going all in on the is bad boy.


Yah! Monomimus rules :heart_eyes:


My team would be

Utahsinoraptor My favourite dinosaur in the game. Love this thing.

Monomimus My second favourite dinosaur in the game. Stop nerfing it ludia, and restore it to its former glory!

IndoraptorGen2 Since I cant have indo gen1, Gen2 will do.

Allosinosaurus Love this things design! I would have Thor here…

Suchotator Why not Thylacotator? Simple, this thing reeks of the good old days, where it was the MVP of my team. Suchotator and Velociraptor. Welcome back, partner.

Indomimus Rex My first ever legendary gets a slot.

Monostegotops Love this thing! Can I have the 1.8 one?

Tragodistis I really love Tragodistis. It is a beast in combat, and it’s got a cool design. Welcome abroad!


Trystronix is great, stegod, tragod, monomimus

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My top 3 is Stigy, Gemini and Orion.
But if i had to try, then this would be my Fun Team.

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Awesome! Thanks for all the replies. Love seeing other peoples thoughts on fun stuff like this. I’ll put mine together tonight and post!


Here is mine.

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Off the top of my head the must haves would be Tryo, Monostego, and Indo G2.

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My dream team is a diplo/tator/skoola team.



Utasino:my favorite legendary… Still in my team
Alloraptor:looks cool and strong but haven’t created yet
Tryostornix:immune chomper with fierce design
Indo2:i just love the coloring
Procerathomimus:i always want him in my team… So cute and derpy
Erlikogamma:so beautiful and strong plus i love the pounce animation
Spinotasuchus:a fast bleeder that struggles in the current meta but i still use him
Phorusaura:fast, ugly, cute and strong with swap in stun