Your entire game is a joke

The title says it all, a company who doesn’t give a toss about its game just how much money they can squeeze from folk daft enough to plough money into it…full of bugs and match making??? Take a look at this garbage.Screenshot_20201220-141246_JW Alive Screenshot_20201220-141044_JW Alive Screenshot_20201219-190945_JW Alive

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Oh but he’s right : DID YOU CHECK THE ALLIANCE REWARDS? no?? Cause as of today they’re reverted back to the former ones… no announcement no communication nothing… image


Monolometrodon makes sense in that the player is saving up for Monolorhino. Mammolania is a bit hard to level but we did have a few Mammoth events so possible.

Why they are running a level 20 SteGod is a bit questionable considering this isn’t 1.5 anymore.

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I reached the point where I dun even care what Ludia puts as rewards until they pay out then I get annoyed.

Alliance rewards no longer matter if your alliance has its routines in order. Not Nice if Ludia keeps promising things but pays out others though.

I got to Avairy with my level 20-21 unboosted teams. I got just above 4500 at one point then decided to play all my level 20-21 creatures and went down 300 trophy’s. I haven’t been doing the PvP much since.


But that’s the thing right? 50 people dedicated to playing their part in a mission… all because of something they’ve been promised to get and than POOF it’s changed … and you just have to deal with it “happy hunting”


I rather they stick to what was shown at reset right or wrong. We had bad weeks so let it run.

Why was this flagged?


149 speed. Tragical.


Utterly useless in raids as well… clearly a PvP buster

“Stupid is as stupid does”

Level 20 vs lvl 29, where’s the “matching” in that? Im just curious though, i wonder what ludia’s next “i’ll make it up to you guys” move in the next update.
Let me guess, another bad update

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To be fair Paine26, I have a 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 25, and a 21 in my team. So its not that crazy to see my 21 face off against a 30. PvP is absolutely brutal for many reasons but at least that part is not unexpected.

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This… my team ranges from 27-22… got a bunch of 25-26 that are sitting the bench. And I expect my opponents to have similar leveled teams and often they do.

It’s an issue but not an issue Any kind of match making algorithms are gonna fix.

I am facing similar problem. My creatures are not
higher than level 24 but I face level 26 and higher

If there is no one near his level in the arena should he be given someone in Ruins to play?

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