Your expectation for 1.13

So,1.13 will probably be out in 2 weeks by nows:
What are your great expectations?
What hybrids do you expect?
Which new creature do you expect??

-More exclusive epic DNA?
-More glitch?
-A buff for gemini and ardentis?
-Still no majunda ,DC ,alankylo and ankylocodon hybrids?
-Still speedties in tournaments?

Tell me


I believe they will buff ardent, gemini, indoraptor gen 2 and procerathomimus to Pluto, which will make everyone (myself included unless if they make a dimodactylus hybrid), leave the game.


My expectation is high (why? I don’t even know), but it’s probably due to the fact that when the game has not been updated for 2 months, a lot of new things come in the update (the more things added in the same update, the better!)

Me aswell,i have high expectation but idk why it has been 2 update since there were no really big change of the meta…

he game need a huge rework if he want to continue,you can see this through spinoconstrictor…
He is really strong but he can’t even pierce through the actual meta


I’m expecting to be desapointed again, last update thry nailed it, let’s see now


Don’t really have any expectations as the past few updates have been… rocky to say the least.

I do have a wish list

  1. rework of boosts. Yes again. They still aren’t that “fun customization element” that they were promised to be. Would like something more along the lines of the ones in JWTG that give various effects (+hp, +attack, bleed damage, etc.) and are temporary.
  2. A rework of Immunity. This encompasses all immunity, so partials are in this as well. Go through and really decide what needs Full immunity, What needs partials and what those partials should be. And maybe discuss if Full immunity should have a counter or not.
  3. Creature rebalancing. Some stuff has been given too much attention while others have fallen by the wayside. give some love to older stuff and maybe tone it back on things that were given too much.
  4. An unboosted default level arena/ or a specific AI only arena. plenty of players have already voiced that they don’t want to participate in the arena because of various reasons. Giving these players an opportunity to get incubators with out subjecting them to something they don’t like should be thought about. Heck there doesn’t even have to be a ranking system.
  5. Less exclusive dinos. Let us just hunt stuff again.
  6. More proactive bug fixes.
  7. Increase the number of supply drops. there really aren’t enough around to accommodate large and full events. Increasing the number all around should help.
  8. New creatures. And i mean a lot of new creatures encompassing all rarities. get us out and about looking for stuff.

Ya ther goes the G flag lol

Anyway I must expecting to be disappointed again they have been disappointing us since 1.7 so I I’m really just giving the bare bones of excitement and optimism at this point.


Some bug fixes, new moves, new creatures, a few campaign levels… and that’s it.
The less hype, the smaller disappointment.


Ok. who keeps flagging @shining ?


The bots, can’t use the G mans name


I have some fans here :joy:


There were progress since 1.7 (which was the worst update),there was good rebalancing and some good addictions.

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But we also have had immunities, stuff like maxima and Gemini, prorat, indom and indo 2, phora basically outshining everything new, and stuff that was interesting get broken or near that with immunities like Orion and nemys, we have the Crit nerf, dodge buff, the mammoth brothers, boost 2.0 and finally 78 days of boosts sales and match making basically becoming even more broken.

So ya sadly ya the negative like skyrocket past the positives at least in mine opinion.

Yup there goes the bot again lol can’t use wt either


My expectation: a “what’s your expectation for 1.14” post 5 minutes after 1.13’s release :see_no_evil:


Well given the fact the patch version will be 13, I’m a little weary lol.

But seriously this is what I think -

  1. New PvE things to go along with the teased strike towers.
  2. Maybe the rare snek will get a hybrid
  3. Tons of threads complaining about the lack of Yoshi, Maxima, Gemini and Incomeraptor nerfs (90% of the posts probably being my own lol j.k, I wont actually do this - Insert LA Noir “Doubt” button)
  4. New content for the puppet show

I’ll try a long shot… “Chat finally working right?”


Crit boosts

Armour boosts

Boost boosts, a new customisable form of boosting your boosts.
Finally a fun customisation element which allows you to double the boost power your Dino already has at level 30 and is max boosted. You get 1 go at double boost power per match, so be careful when you use it. When used correctly your Dino will outspeed, any Dino and have unlimited health, attack, armour and a guaranteed crit. :man_facepalming:

Chat will continue to be broken

The in game news banner will continue to advertise a completely different tournament to the announcement on here in the forum.

Ludia will continue the much improved communication with the players of the game. :man_facepalming:

The new $200 special offer incubator will be launched, and boosts will continue to be sold every day in order to maintain the excellent balance we all enjoy in the arena. :rofl:

New creatures like frogs, squirrels, mice and perhaps an armadillo will make their way into the game.


How about you people fix the arena and battles. Forget everything else