Your expectation for 1.13

Nicknames, that’s it

Double Eww Tee Eff M8?

I would like to see alliance tools, alliance chat fixed, as well as other bugs like blank maps, connection loss, the unlimited darting bug so many talk about. New commons to dart, no more exclusive dinos, other exclusive dinos released finally. A proper zone shake up. Boost rework since they won’t scrap them altogether. More affordable buys in the store not just 1 on Sunday. A company that communicates with us instead of ignoring us. Those are a few things I would like to see.

What we will probably get is a WWE style entrance for our dinos complete with pyrotechnics and theme songs nobody asked for. Basically I’m keeping my expectations low so I won’t be as disappointed…


You forgot to mention the buff to Cautious Strike because thats the Lydia thing to do lol

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“What are your great expectations” okay that’s a funny joke
I am anticipating Alloraptor hybrid. Hopefully it will be cool, the first unique with a rend attack (not counterattack). Goodbye twin titans and smileycat.

Yep,all you mentionned is almost what make a difference between a good game and a bad game

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What I want:

  • Removal of boosts or an alternative, unboosted arena
  • Nerf or removal of cautious strike (I say removal because, if you take away some of its myriad abilities it becomes the same as pre-existing moves.)
    *Nerf to proceratomimus, mostly to its hp but also to a lesser extent its attack
  • Bug fixes to tournament battles not loading, dinos spawning inside sanctuaries, chat barely working, etc
    *No more arena/incubator exclusives; make needed dinos actually spawn in the wild (looking at the snek here). This is supposed to be an AR game first and foremost.

What I expect

  • Indoratpro g2 will be buffed again, and the few counters it has get nerfed. Or else; it gets nerfed into oblivion but some new dino gets broken so much it becomes the new must have for battle
  • No bug fixes worth a damn, minor ones like typos on in-game messages fixed or something else ridiculously minor
    *A bunch of new dinos introduced with hybrids and super hybrids, but they dont spawn in the wild or arena incubators and have to be bought.
    *A bunch of people proclaiming its the best update yet.

we need a massiv nerf of Procerathomimus!!!

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Test complete.


My wish list in no particular order:

  • More Alliance tools and fix the bugs already present in the Alliance side of things.
  • Leave Immunity (full and partial) alone. They are fine.
  • No more exclusives. All common, rare and epic rarity creatures should be able to spawn in the wild. Legendarie’s and unique’s should be made the old fashioned way.
  • Marine animals and lots of them - camaroceros through to marine reptiles though to cenozoics like basilosasaurus and megalodon.
  • More than 3 or 4 non-hybrids. We need a good few new ones to make it worthwhile going out hunting.
  • Not many hybrids. There are too many already.
  • A separate aquarium version of the Arena for the new sea monsters.
  • Fix cautious strike. Really fix it.
  • Reduce the number if definite attacks and nullifiers please. Or at the very least no more new ones for a while.
  • An option for a boost free Arena.

You can’t say it mate. At all. No exceptions. I had a long chat with a mod about it a while back.

Bloody stupid, but thems the rules (plus not all that restrictive really).


Haha, thanks bro. I just wanted to see for myself… whether it was depending on context or just using the word by itself.

Test complete indeed @Qiew :sweat_smile: :joy:

expect me to be gone if that happens

It’s going to happen sooner or later. Not all marine creatures were cenozoic though. There are plenty of marine reptiles to choose from.

when I mean that I’m done with cenozoics I basically mean any non-dino creature (pterosaurs, amphibians, crocodilians and synapsids don’t count)

Oh c’mon, respect the og mosasaurus, though if they plan to mix mosasaurus with entelodon… yeah, no thank you.


You don’t have to collect or use them yourself if you don’t want to.

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For the Immunity rework what if they made the “Definite” prefix into an anti-immunity prefix such as “Definite Wound” or “Definite Distraction”, etc that would affect Immune dinos. Then the current Definite moves can become “Precise Shattering” ones since that’s already a thing, it just wont disable Evasion but will still get around it.

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Such a thing could have been cool.for the sneks to have, like poison attacks that seep in even if the enemy is immune and causes a distraction or poisoned Dot or something!

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Yeah! Or even the Dilos could have some of their Distraction moves upgraded to (the proposed) Definite ones since they have the special spit.

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