Your expectation for 1.9

Bugs:-the game became a little bit faster
-Fix the screens bug on sanctuary
-More darts on the supplys drop
-nerf of speed boost to 20 speed max,same with dmg and health:20% max
-fix of alliance chat

-diorajasaurus:remove instant distraction,earn Healing pinning strike:deal 1dmg and heal 15%hp pool it don’t remove bads effects
-rajakylosaurus:pinning strike become Healing pinning strike:deal 1
dmg,heal 15%dmg ,opponent can’t swap out it don’t remove bads effects
-dracoceratops: lvl 26:2900hp,now have 2 turn delay before using regeneration,dmg reduce to 1160
-ankylosaurus:from 4380hp to 4550hp
-ankylosaurus gen 2:from 4110 to 4610hp
-apatosaurus from 6000 to 7000hp (aint him the hp king?)
-argentinosaurus:from 5400 to 6200hp
-armagausaurus from 5400 to 6200hp
-armagaucephalus:armor from 40% to 50%
-ardentismaxima : from 20 to 30%crit,now have 10% armor,decelerating strike become now extended critical impact
-brachiosaurus:from 1000 to 1050dmg
-dilophosaurus gen 2 and gen 1:distracting impact become debilating impact ( -75%dmg for 2 turns)
-diplodocus:Hp from 6000 to 5800
-edmontosaurus:superiority strike become superiority thagomizer(cleanse distraction,deal 1* dmg,target is slowed for 2 turn),hp increase from 5100 to 5300
-gigaspikasaure:HP from 4650 to 4750,pinning strike become Healing pinning strike:deal 1dmg and heal 15%hp pool it don’t remove bads effects
-girrafatitan: from 1020 to 1075dmg
-majundasuchus:pinning strike become Healing pinning strike:(heal 15%hp ,opponent can’t swap for 2 turn)
-miragaia:from 3000 to 2750hp
-dracorex gen 2:from 1200 to 1150dmg
-megalosaurus:earn Healing pinning strike:deal 1
dmg and heal 15%hp pool it don’t remove bads effects
-monomimus:from 2700 to 2950hp,speed become 128
-nodopatosaurus:health from 4800 to 5750
-nodopatotitan:armor become 50%(yes,the first one),hp from 5100 to 5350
-pteraquetzal:new passive:every counter attack increase speed by 10% for 3 turns,hp increase from 4050 to 4450
-pterovexus: earn Healing evasive pinning strike:deal 1dmg and heal 15%hp pool it don’t remove bads effects,50% chance to dodge dmg,target can’t swap out for 2 turns
-pyrritator:hp from 3300 to 3450
-spinonyx:precise rampage become speed up rampage (increase speed by 10%,deal 2
-spinotahraptor :remove strike,add superior exploit wound (target become vulnerable for 2 turn,dot 0,2 max hp for 3 turn,deal 0,75%dmg ,at the end of the turn,cleanse self)
-spinotasuchus,remove strike,add superior evasive strike (strike 1* dmg,50% chance to dodge next hit,at the end of the turn,cleanse self)
-stygidaryx:superiority strike become advantage strike:cleanse distraction,slow opponent,earn +15 armor for 3 turn,deal 1dmg
,cleanse swoop become stun and run (75% chance to stun opponent,swap out,deal 1.5
-tenontorex:dmg increase from 1630 to 1680
-tuoramoloch hp increase from 4800 to 5100
-dimorphodon receive pinning ressurection(deal 1*dmg,heal 50% hp)and gashing wound become dodging bleeder (50% chance to dodge the next hit,damage over turn 0,20 for 2 turns)
-lythronax,majungasaurus,rajasaurus,concavenator,megalosaurus:new passive: appetite(see above) —purrusaurus gen 1 and 2,sarcosuchus,gryposuchus and grypolyth receive “deadly wrath” passive ability( see above)
-dimetrodon gen 1 and 2,secodontosaurus ,ankylocodon ophiacodon and maybe monolometrodon receive robber strike in addiction in their skills

1-All abilities relying on crit deal now 1.5dmg on an inflicted crit
2 Dodge:on a miss:the creature deal now 15% dmg it should normally receive instead of the 33%
3 Instant stun deal now 0.75 dmg
4:swap in distraction: opponent deal -90% dmg first turn,-25% second turn,unable to swap for 2 turns
5:vulnerability strike now stack ,opponent receive 40%more dmg now and it stack to 120%dmg
6 rajakylosaurus , argentinosaurus,ardentismaxima,rajasaurus:extended critical strike:now every crit deal 50% more dmg
7:ready to crush become a priority action,at the end of the turn,you cleanse yourself

Sanctuaries:-A buff overall:higher lvl should be more interesting : at lvl 20,the reward should be double
-If you interact with a creature of someone else,he will receive a buff :his creature will receive +10% more dna on any interaction for 3 days( can be stack 10 times to 100% more dna)
-You should receive more than 6 food,6 play and 6 interaction:(maybe 8 or 9?)

New mechanism: 1:red spiky shield:Priority:deal mirror dmg on any defense shattering abilities but have no use against others attack
2:swap in mirror:on a swap in,steal the effect of the opponent if he have a swap in ability
3:armor strike: deal 1* damage,earn +15 armor,stack for 5 turns
4:Deadly wrath:passive,don’t inflict any dmg,next opponent dino to come out (from swap in or not) have -20%dmg,-20%health and -5 speed for his 3 firsts turn,can be remove by cleanse abilities,immune creatures are not affected.
5:appetite passive:every hit your dino give,including counter attack heal back 10%hp
6:Robber strike cooldown 2:Steal one of the opponant ability (you will choose which one when you click on the skill,you can’t steal passive abilities)
But any dmg done on the skill (rampage ,impact and others)are replaced by the dmg of the dimetrodon family instead of the dmg of the opponant creature.

New creatures: Allosaurus gen2,nasurocetatops,titanoboa,giganotosaurus,Chungkingosaurus more mammals!

Rework of strikes towers:Now the boosts are disable on strikes tower

New feature: -2 vs 2
-Team battle (like in jurrassic world the game:defeat a monster by weak him as much as possible)
Every member have 2 attempts
Reward will be decided by the % of hp left to the boss
-Team tournament (with boost and without boost)

Alliance:-Give leader more Tools
-Ability to see how much donation have been done
-possibility to put grades
-Possibility to the leader to choose new alliance rewards every weeks

And you,what do you expect?


I expect nothing good :joy:


I’d like most of those; I expect more bugs, crit and armor boosts, continuing boost meta and lousy matchmaking :unamused:


I think expectation is a strong word here. These seem more like pie-in-the-sky requests, no offense.

I expect they’ll add ways for us to spend more $$, fix a few bugs, introduce a bunch of new ones and we’ll go on complaining about “the good ol days” :wink:


I didn’t expect them to be able to fix match making before 1.8 rolled out, but if it’s not fixed by 1.9 I’m really not sure how I will approach it.
I can’t be competitive and work on goals unless I know how it works.
(Why are the mechanics a big mystery anyway? No other competitive game that has some sort of ranking structure is a big secret)
I’m in a weird situation where my team is too strong to be matched with a lot of the people in gyro, but to weak to really compete with the ones I can be matched with.
I hope that gets fixed or I will go the boost only route and cut back on the hunting.

Balance. I expect them to make good and bad balancing decisions like they do every patch.
Magna will probably follow the Monomimus model and get nerfed again because Ludia truly believes they are soooo easy to make and level.

I expect 125 bug fixes that no one can figure out what they were.
(I really hate the secrecy they have with this game)
I expect some of the bugs that we actually talk about to still be here.
I don’t know how they prioritize these things, but they really didn’t listen to input when it came to bug squashing.
My money is on Dracocera getting a REAL nerf. (Maybe Thor? Who knows?)
It was fun and it totally was worth it, but I’m already prepared for the next gen of OP dinos that people will hate.

A good rule of thumb is to look for the 8 most complained about dinos.
Use those.

I expect it to be better than 1.7
They would have to try really hard to do that bad again.


To Use Regeneration,Would We Have To Wait All This?Really?

Picks Ornithomimus. Everyone left the alliance.


:joy::joy::joy: I wouldn’t leave you orny. You’d serve my procera very nicely. You’re loved, remember that.


I would really like to level up my team. Unfortunately all leveling does now is make it more difficult to win with stronger opponents leaving no incentive to do so.

It would be nice if working hard collecting dna would be rewarded, as it is the main objective of this game.

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I expect a lot of belly aching no matter how good it is


You have possibilities to try to wait 2 turns,acute stun make loose 1 turn to opponent,Speed up strike can increase your speed to outclass another one

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Except for the nerfs and some ability changes you suggested(I’ve got nerfophobia) I would love if those ideas got implemented :slight_smile:

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I want to see a separate arena that doesn’t have boosts, better matchmaking, and a DC nerf. Besides that, I think new inventory items like special darts that tranquilize a Dino to make it easier to dart or increased DNA darts would be really cool. It’d be really helpful to be able to buy a “supply station” that would basically be an improved supply drop that you could buy and place anywhere, i.e. your house if you’re not in range of supply drops, and you could get materials from it. I also want to see an immunity shield (maybe for Indoraptor?), force swap, an ability that damages your opponent when they hit you (like a counter attack that works even on a KO), and new attack animations. They should add Alpha from JPIII and the Big One from JP as well.


I see new named dinosaurs like blue.

With long drawn out back stories. Written with alot of emotion. And nonsensical events like Lord lythronax based off of them.

I see the creation of a new dracoceratops type meant to piss off the player base (cash making dino)

Also see buy a dino straight out option comming prolly for 100 plus real life currency.

Best 1.9 would be a rollback to a much earlier version of the game… you know… when it was fun…

Now I log in to do the strikes and that’s it…

I no longer go hunting…
I no longer PvP
I no longer do daily quests
I no longer enjoy most aspects of the game…

As it is right now, the only things I do is the epic strike towers just for the epic DNA, I do try to catch the alliance on requests… then I log out…

What used to take up 4-6 hours per day is now 20 minutes tops… it is kind of nice to know what the real world is like after a year of JWA…


Game was awesome from launch till 1.6 hit.

Unfortunately it has been on an express elevator to hell since then. :wink:


Hashtag same.

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Here’s my worry about that.
That would be the only arena anyone would want to play in.
We would need a way to remove boosts to switch our dinosaurs over, or you would be stuck at a severe disadvantage with a low level C team.
Given the option, I’m going to take a wild guess that almost everyone would drop boosts and switch over to the “Real” arena.

Ludia looses money.

EDIT: Orrr… The boosts would be disabled for that arena.
You could use the same dinos, people that are still interested in the boost arena may find it a challenge of trying to be top 10 in BOTH.
Ludia makes a killing.
It just might work.

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The Big One Stats

Hp: 3000
Attack: 1500
Armor: 0%
Crit: 20%


Minimal Wounding Strike
Ferocious Impact
Precise Pounce
Defense Shattering Rampage

Swap in Ferocity
.50x regular counter attack


This kit is designed to be aggressive as possible, like its portrail in JP1


I like the current movesets of Dioraja. That’s why I put it into team from the bench after 1.7.

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