Your expectation for 1.9

It still is awesome…if you remove pvp from the equation.

The exploration section is perfect, to me anyways. They just dont know how to make matchmaking work, and thats by far the biggest flaw with this game

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This post, in all its truth, saddens me. My Ornithomimus is level 29 and well on its way to 30 when the 1.8 Dodge nerf came. The Thor Killer is gone for good I expect.

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Remove speed boosts all together.
Draco rework, loss of stun and regen
Increase drop rates of sanctuary items
New Alliance rewards
Rework of Thor and Tryko


Honestly, why?


Basically just expect them to break the game further :joy:


Thor will be buffed, Tryko too, while Magna will be nerfed again.


Hopefully Pterovexus gets a decent buff :pray:


I don’t expect this, but I pray with all my forces for no more excessive nerfs. Please. No more snaps or hammers.

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I expect it to be the nail in the coffin.


Oh my :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Don’t mess with my dear beasts :grimacing::rofl:

Draco should be reworked. 2-turn lockdown with Acute Stun and Regen is pointless.
But I don’t agree on the part on Tryko and Thor. They are alright. The problem comes from the boosts.
Alliance reward is still ok. I think most are still satisfied with Sino.

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