Your Experience with Auto Join Raiding

Working from home and getting caught up on work allowed me a couple hours to play around with auto joining into raids.

Rares and Epics are always an easy win with a random group.

The Legendary and Unique raids are hit and miss but have won half I joined.

I tried a few times with Ceramagnus today but didn’t quite win any although we got into round 3.

Players bring knives to an Apex gun fight and level 24 Thors get knocked out the 1st turn of the 1st round which is an automatic surrender. It’s a joke when someone brings in an Indominus Rex to have the one minion remove its cloak every time. You can tell which players on the team have done the Apex raid by the creatures they put in but if one player throws in some useless creature, we all lose. As much as I would like, there isn’t a way to carry players with weak or wrong creatures through these Apex raids.

For those who want to try the Apex raids who haven’t done them because there is no one to do them with, look up raid strategies and see what creatures are used and put all your time, coins and effort at building the one or ones that will help to win most raids.

I may keep attempting to win with random players on these just for fun. Tomorrow is the Refrenantem raid. This is the strategy I use. Your Thor doesn’t need to be all the way to level 30 on this one. Both Thors together need to do 9550 damage the 1st turn of each round with irritators power up. Good luck!

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What we need is a pinned thread on forums that lists the potential strategies for each raid. That way players can see on here which raids theyre equipped for.
Bot all players use discord, for any number of reasons.

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Doesnt help everyone. The forums are a small fraction of the player base.

However, how hard is it to doa quick google search people?


It’s so annoyingly common to see players use indominus rex in raids. This is why I can’t wait for 2.16 when a new and improved raid chat is going to come into play.

I never even entertained the idea of Apex, Unique or Lengendary raids, but figured I could find a 4th and knock out the epics and rares easy.
Let me tell you about Megalotops.
I went 3 sucho’s and just assumed the 4th guy would pick Secondo.
First up to bat? L16 Ourano.
Followed by a T-Rex, and 4 more random dinos.
Boot boot boot boot boot.
Finally I got an indecisive guy… looked at my 3 Suchos… and picked Sucho.
As fast as I could I switched the wife to Secondo before he could switch and started.
Sure enough he mimicked the sucho moves and we won.
Without the playerbase knowing what to do, I’ve started doing 3 man strats and inviting a 4th just to be nice.
It looked like a great idea, but I dont think it’s gonna work.

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although the rupaul this mornign went well i was the one that screwed up turn 1 but pulled it back…if i can ask nicely no itro morties thanks completely useless :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all the players who play JWA, are on forums too.
So, auto join/fill in apex raids are hit and miss, unless the players in lobby knew how the synergy work between the dinos selected by each.

For example, one can’t bring a diorajasaur to a mortem raid for shielding the group.

Idk about you or what you tried but there is strats for non meta dinos in raids. This was a magnus raid

This was a stratless raid tho, we just memed around. Won first try

It’s ridiculous how often this happens. The worst is when you are moved to another lobby and the leader starts the raid with terrible selection of creatures without any clue how to win it. It’s a total waste of time. And then they refuse to restart the raid on top of it…


It’s so annoying cause strats are impossible

For this thing to work on harder raids, some sort base communication is needed. Like group leader requesting a dino for some slot.

This is the most annoying. When you know the raid is going to fall and nobody is ready to surrender.

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autofill is fun for me because u never know what ur gonna get from it

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Easily the worst is that the majority of people don’t seem to understand anything about team composition or raid mechanics, start with bad comps, or just refuse to pick something relevant in the slightest - especially when they show they have something decent but just won’t use it! That being said even if i have 1-2 friends with me that can coordinate in voice chat, it’s doable - but!!! The required player levels are so high for different tiers that there’s just not enough people or enough that understand well enough what’s going on to actually attempt or complete the higher tiers! I’ve been messaging support for months about reducing the requirements so newer people get an earlier chance to experience the raids and learn what to do (or not to do), and also to get some kind of chat system or even quick commands like some MOBA games have to get everyone on the same page - I’m told they’re great ideas and my breakdowns make a great case but nothing has come of them yet…

Infuriating to say the least…

Actually surprisingly I beat the Glyptoceras boss which is pretty hard with an auto fill raid team

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Mine is the Ankylomoloch
The team might seem a little bit odd but the Ankylomoloch’s group shielded Impact was really useful and ovilopho with the Group Cunning Impact was vital

I mostly lose, and noone ever picks up a healer. Well, i only try rare raids with autofill, maybe at legendary or above people actually know what to do.

i usually dont have any problem with rare or epic raids, just legendary and unique. i usually try to play healers, but then nobody wants to also play a tank where it applies :expressionless:

im in the same position, ive been playing since 2018 and max player lvl but never completed an apex, and only 1 unique ever… tried the 3 man comp too, but yeh it doesnt work, especially on newer raids - i think they have all been designed to require a full team at least and some require a specific team comp which is getting easier to do, but still not very efficient…