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Your favourite animations (all but serious topic)

Hello there, and sorry if a similar topic already exists.

Talking about animations, I find that in this game the level is quite good, and although some of them are not particularly impressive there are some I really love.
In particular, we have.

  1. Number one, just for U, is the…


Are you serious in Mars Ultor’s name?!
Yes I am!

You know that moment in which the beast is launching its (not so efficient) shields?
That is the Codon’s unfamous dreadfu-evil laughter.
Just look at that chubby, spiky, boasting armordillo lizard while it reclines its head and laughs evilly to mock the opponent with its (not so efficient) shields: HURR-DURR-DURR!

I love it.
A pity the Codon is quite rare to see around in the arena.

  1. Our second guest is my favourite starlet ever, the greenish, amazing…


Are you serious again dude?
Why so serious?!
Of course I am!

Although many hate it, the Procerathomimus can make the difference between defeat and victory, while sometimes even setting the table for dinner.
How one can possibly not appreciate the final Proceratho’s animation, when you win the battle and the graceful chickenish saurian joyfully steps up and down right where it stands?
That moment, that precise moment, is the Procerathodance.
Personally I adore it.
It has a personality, charisma AND gracefulness no other creature will ever have, just like me (more or less).

I love the Procerathodance so much I’ve now decided to make it my personal gesture of satisfaction.
The boss commends you at work?
People tweets watching your car?
Your favourite football team wins on sunday?
Yes, Pro-ce-ra-tho-dance!

Totally cool.

Thanks for your attention and why not contribute to this animation topic full of serious contents!



Tryko’s Victory Roar.


Kapro’s clawing celebration of a victory. And his play animation when he jumps on the cow toy is adorable!


I’m sorry I don’t have any screenshots. I’m out of food and toys. I’ll try to get screenshots later today. :slightly_smiling_face:

My personal favorites are:

  1. Poor Pachycephalosaurus’ feeding animation - the part where a scrap of food falls on to the ground. She kind of looks at it and then decides to eat it. 5 second rule? :sweat_smile:

  2. Smilodon feeding animation - pokes goat; Are you dead? :laughing:

  3. Carbonemys playing animation - “It’s just you and me barrel! I’ll show you who is boss!” :boxing_glove::turtle:

Phorusaura’s victory jump dance is hysterical too. :rofl:


Marsupial Lion feeding animation in which the goat “faints” before getting to the Lion.

And Kelenken… not sure which move it is but she runs in a circle once before performing the move. Anytime I see it I think of the “Chicken Dance”.


I got screenshots of two out of the three that I was referring to earlier. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll work on getting Smilodons. :smiley_cat: