Your favourite arena

What are your favourite arena and why are they???

Mine favourite Badlands because I like it’s landscapes and nature.

My favorites are mount Sibo and Ruins. Just the lighting, background, and how easy it is to notice the details on my dinos. Least favorite is Aviary and up. Purely due to its ridiculous matchmaking


That’s great

Mine is aviary cuz the purple water


ah yes, the poisoned water to kill the dinos, still wondering when that’ll be fixed


Eh I kinda like it lol

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I always used to like Badlands. Sunny, dry, nice colour…

… reminds me a bit of The Barrens…

But I’m very accustomed to the Sorna Marshes because that’s where I feel I have the most fun, match-up wise. I have to actually make the effort to lose enough to stay in the Marshes indefinitely.

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Any natural arena - I would like the Shores best, but with the current mess in Arena 11 I will never see it.

  1. Shores/Beach
  2. Sorna Marshes, Nublar Jungle, Mt. Sibo, Badlands, Fallen Kingdom, Ruins, Training Grounds
  3. Aviary
  4. Lockwood Estates, S. S. Arcadia
  5. Gyro Depot
  6. Lockdown
    Last (don’t like at all): Lockwood Library
    Guess where I’m stuck :frowning:

Great favourite arenas.

I do not have a favorite because I have been imprisoned in Aviary for 2 years.