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Your Favourite Aspect of the Game

Aside from it being a “Dungeons and Dragons” trademark :slight_smile:

For me, it’s the animation or graphics.

  1. I love when the transitions of when the monsters are mid action and you kill one.
    Example: when the ogre is mid banging his chest and I kill it, the transition from banging to death is cool. So is Argathakul’s death, is really detailed. You feel his head slam against the ground and slowly slide.

  2. The transitions graphics from room to room. You get a sneak peek of more of the structure, art, etc.

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The story.
The little blurbs for the items. I wish every item had one.
Fighting owlbears, illithids, and apparently an ulitharid. I wish we get some beholders up in here.

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A beholder would be amazing to see rendered and in action here :scream:

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I love the ‘model dungeon’ with the boss statues. I wish there was a way to scroll around it and view it instead of just zooming to your current stage

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Yes, this would be so cool. It wouldn’t be hard to limit access to your current dungeon and below.