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Your First Dominator Victory

What was your first Dominator finish?

This was my first Dominator victory. I did not spend any bucks however it was a lot of anxiety :

Whereas my first non-Bracketed victory was THIS. I was so determined that I wanted to slip-in at the last moment at any cost (…7,000+ bucks), and I got just a few trophies’ score below the prediction when the game decided to not let me in the last hour (my Goodness, the panic and anxiousness I had for almost 17 hours before the game finally let me in) :

I don’t know how and with what luck but I won using just a single team of level 10 Indominus, level 13 Eolambia and level 13 Eudimorphodon only.

Thankfully the week after the Brachiosaurus tournament was a non-tourney week and after that we had a VIP tournament and a bracketed (Segnosaurus) giving me more than sufficient time to build a much stronger lineup before the next tournament, Ornithocheirus.

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Smilodon was my first Dom finish.

Edit: I should also add that the unlock has done me no good as I have gotten all of my copies from card packs, gold spins and coins->Ceno. I’ve trades tons of them back for DNA/DB/LP.


Segnosaurus was my first Dominator finish after returning.

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Same. I returned at the same time. Now I completed dominator in all tournaments after that due to the advice from this forum and grinding modded pvp.


I rode a level 10 Thylacosmilus to claim a victory in a Gastornis Cenozoic tournament. For a Jurassic win, I had to wait until Kentrosaurus a couple of months later


If you count bracketeted it’s Shunosaurus

Indominus gen 2 was my first non bracketed finish.


I honestly don’t remember…

Its been so long that i cant recall. I believe it was antarctopelta?


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