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Your first indoraptor

Hi All,
When you get your first indoraptor and how your team looked like?

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My team had level 20 VIPs dominant at that time when I got my first Indoraptor on 23rd December 2020 (I remember that day so clearly).

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Wow , that’s my birthday.


…Belated Happy Birthday to you… :stuck_out_tongue:


It wasn’t that long ago for me. See my thread here - Wilson's 1 year progress


Thanks for unknowingly reminding me @Wilson, I had a thread too… The Legend of Fury's First Super Hybrid

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:scream: :scream: :scream: Your game is just too amazing. I see, that you keep numerous backup from all dinos… I do that with a vip ones (3 creatures of same type on level 20, 2 creatures on level 30, etc), bec level 20 vips are great for tournaments

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when you get him, did you had some problem with ferocity in PvE battles? I am going to get Indoraptor “Black” on level 1 with this mine team up
(Already started saving DNA for 8 Indo Rexes)

The importance of having a deep lineup is massive. Because I’m not VIP, I don’t have as many VIP creatures as most on here so I relied heavily on my S-hybrids, which is fine because they’re still viable even now.

Just be ready to move your whole team with the creation of indoraptors at the same time. I had a lot of DB / food saved up.

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Yes, I supose I will rebalance my top team, after creating indoraptor, with Ostapo, Metriaphodon and new dracoceratops

My first Indoraptor didn’t make much difference. In one of the posts of that Thread I’ve mentioned it…

Well when I thinking about it… Most of people here know I am “older” player, than my account says, bec I had later account before this one (not to much like beaver or seinors players - that why i am calling “older”), and also most people know that my account was reseted for hacking, which I confessed myself. But I remember I instantly created indoraptor gen 2 when it was realeased and difference between him and my team was 3000-4000 in ferocity, but he dont affect my PvE, bec rest of my team was ferocity balanced and ancending the same.

Actually my metriaphodon has 1100-1200 ferocity higher from rest of my team. Indoraptor will have 1200 ferocity higher than metriaphodon - but their diferences still enoug to be less, than that 3000 and rest of team is balanced, so create an Indoraptor shoudnt cause me a pain with events

I think we all worry about ferocity gaps too much, the real importance is lineup depth.

The top of my lineup is here

Even though I have a deep lineup including level 40 vips I can usually go right down to here in some of the harder PvE…

I say go for it @Lucky14 :facepunch:

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As I said here I use vips for numerous backup too, :slight_smile: if you remember my team on hacked account, I still use that same way to build up team

maybe i can find screenshots of that old team…

I really found them - my team, when it was reset for hacking:
(I remember that was also level 20 armormata and there was level 20 allonogmius, when they delete it
There you can imagine how good player i am (or was), vips deeped my team and even i was hacker i dont maxed everything instantly i had hacked just buck when i needed some and didnt had money for.

my team at that time was very bad: lv 40 cerazino and then ostapo lv40 tapejalocephalus lv30 and unayrynchus lv40, after that, some vips at 30 and some legendary tournament lv40

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I made a huge line up around IRex L20 and saved SDNA, food and DB. Than I jumped in with 10x Indos And 6x Indo gen 2s.

Was pretty easy. I had more than I needed.

If you can jump in with 10x Indos you’d be ok.

Make sure to have 9x amphibians like 9x gorgos at L20. Metria is very useful too in replacement of amphibians.


I made the Indoraptor jump with probably about the minimum I would recommend as long as you can hatch a handful of Indoraptors quick, which is typically the case. I did 10, 5 g1 and 5 g2.

Lineup as of now. When I made the raptors I didn’t have the segno, ostapo, or gorgo at their current levels. You really just need around 4 of each class at close to indoraptor ferocity and u should b fine. A lot of lesser dinosaurs still work well in sacrifice lead off positions and high attack 2nd positions. U can throw indoraptors in anywhere when needed and b fine if u have enough.

In short a few lvl 20 s hybrids and lvl 30 vips r enough.

Carnos after the 10 Indoraptors

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I played it safe. My best dino was Indom L30 and Indo L1 is just a short jump from her, so I took the step.

My lineup was:

  • L30 and L40 Legendary Hybrids.
  • L30 VIPs
  • L40 Tourneys
  • L10 and 20 Tournament Hybrids

Had zero affect on my PvE battles, and I had enough Raptor SDNA to create 4 or 5 of them. They were my best until I took the next leap which was L40 Legendary Hybrids and VIPS. Now they sit nicely at the end of my S-tier roster (what I use for harder battles like F4F).