Your first legendary,unique

What is ur first legendary or unique I’d love to know so maybe I’ll work on them

My first unique would probably be tenontorex since my first legendary is tyrannolophosaur but in not sure


My first Unique was Diorajasaur. It was my dream to unlock it since I started playing. Got it on 17th July 2021.


As for Legendary it was probably Indom.


First legendary: indom, who was followed up by utasino the next day. First unique: indoraptor. Kind of disappointed in myself for leveling it so much, if I hadn’t, my team would be prospering right now


First Legendary: Indominus Rex,
First Unique:
1.Ardentismaxima (from Championship)
2.Indoraptor(created by own)

My first unique was Indoraptor, 2nd was Scorpios Rex Gen 3, 3rd was Phorurex and 4th was Thoradolosaur Unlocked Recently

Indominus Is First Legendary.

My first legendary was Allosino, haven’t got a Unique yet,

hoping to get Parasauthops from the championship

First unique I unlocked was utarinex followed up by dio, there my favourites so I set out to get them


my first legendary was petraquetzal and my first unique was antarcetovenator
i use both them :grin:

First legendary was Indominus Rex followed by Dracoceratops and Monolometrodon
I have not unlocked a unique yet

In case anyone doesn’t know which was their first legendary or first unique, there’s a way to see it in the game.
1: Go to a strike tower without limitations (probably works on campaign too)
2: Go to the filters tab
3: Select all classes (cunning, fierce, resilient, wild card)
4: Exit the tab
After that, you’ll notice that the order of your creatures have changed, and this is because they were set from oldest to newest unlocked, so just scroll down until you see the first legendary or unique you find, those are your first of those rarities.

Hope this helps.


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My first legendary was Monomimus and my first unique was Indoraptor!

My first Legendary was Indom G¹.
And Unique was Trykosaurus.

Rajasaurus was my first Epic!

I don’t have any legendaries but i’m going for Acrocanthops. Maybe Parasaurolophus Lux if there is another five events.

As for uniques, probably not getting them soon.

I have an Argenteryx, It can kill uniques, enough said.

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First Legendary was Indominous Rex

First Unique was Skoonasaurus

First Created Unique was Scorp Gen 3

My first legendary was Darwezopteryx

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I don’t remember my first Legendary, but my first Unique was Daryx

My first Unique was Diorajasaur. It was my dream to unlock it since I started playing. Got it on St. Patrick’s day event back in 2019.

In regards to my first Legendary, it was Rajakylosaurus. Which was also unlocked in the same St. Patrick’s day event.


My first legendary was indom and unique was indo

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