Your first legendary?

Hi everyone!

I’m still somewhat of a newbie. I’ve only been playing JWA since the end of February/beginning of March, and didn’t enter the arenas until late March.

I am getting really close to finally owning a legendary, and I was wondering what was everyone’s first legendary, and any recommendations as to which legendary to avoid spending dna and coins on, and which ones are worth it, especially for a newbie.

Hoping to have my IndoRex in a month or so, and hopefully a stegodeus not long after. Are there any others that would be “easier” to collect that are good? Thanks!

My first one was Monolometrodon, because of its two common ingredients - but it’s one of the lesser legendaries.

Much stronger (top tier) and easy to unlock and level up for the same reasons is Dracoceratops - if you’re willing to use it. A… few… don’t :wink:

As a newbie I wouldn’t level any Dinos further (for now) than the lvl they need to be at in order to start working on their hybrids.

Metahubs Tier List is a good place to check out. The last list is pre 1.7:


My first legendary was I-Rex… Took her to battle as soon as she was created, cloaked and lost! I stopped leveling her at 21, cause I started fusing Indoraptor, but I have seen a few at around level 26 in the Aviary… She is a good, powerful creature, whose greatest pro is immunity and greatest con is low speed (before boosts were available)…


Para for me, as it was for many others last year.
I just recently brought her back on my team. I’ve missed having her. :slight_smile:

Irex was my second and Stegod was my third


Started quite a long while. So one of the first legendaries is Indorex. So that’s mine. Always have a special thing for I-rexy

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My first legendary is Utasinoraptor. (from Legendary incubator as I can’t resist a temptation)

My first created legendary is Indominus rex. now she is at level 30 and have a great buff from stat boost. I can say that she is the only one in my team that have a chance to kill those hyperspeed emerald queen aliens (you missed me once, you’re done).


Paramoloch, used her quite a lot currently not on my team.

Indominus Rex

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This lovely lady. I-rex wasn’t far behind her.

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Mine was tragodistis, then indominus, then stegodeus. This was back when these ingredients were more common tho

Awesome! Thanks guys for the suggestions! So much variety and loads of fun! We shall see what happens in the next couple months. Lots depends on if I will run across the dinos I need. Thankfully I have an hour and 20 minute bus commute to church on Sundays, and I do a lot of my dna collecting then :rofl:. Lots more variety that way… otherwise I’m typically stuck with an over abundance of suchomimis :upside_down_face:.

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my first was Monostegatops. After that followed: paramoloch, stegodeus andindominus

Wait… you mean no one likes the Dracoceratops? :rofl::upside_down_face:

Yeah, you don’t have to play the game long to hear stories…

I couldn’t create one right now even if I tried anyways… I don’t have many Draco 2’s in my region, nor in the regions surrounding me. I also hardly ever see triceratops of any kind. Pretty much suchomimis… like everywhere​:roll_eyes::joy:. Doesn’t help with creating legendaries, those suchos.

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Suchotator will always be helpful in strikes. So that’s one of the few Dinos I levelled further than needed for a (future) hybrid. And it’s definately viable in arena as well. Even in lower aviary, if you can have it a bit over legendary/unique team lvl.

And if you’re willing to use Dracocera, I’d go and find/grind those locales. And if your in a generous, diverse alliance, getting the DNA shouldn’t be a problem as well. Coins might, though.

My first was utasinoraptor. He is an absolute mad lad. Distracting. Stunning. And the attack stat of a chomper. He is also extremely easy to get if you are in an alliance.

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My first one was Indomimus Rex, followed by Stegodeus, and then Monostegotops. As of now, most of my legendaries are at level 20, and there’s two of them I still have to unlock.

Among the ones worth levelling up to level 20, there’s the ones allowing the creation of uniques. In battle, the ones I’ve used the most in battles are: Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, Utasinoraptor, Spinotasuchus, Dracoceratops and Monostegotops. To a lesser extent, I’ve also used Triotronix and Alankylosaurus (useful in some strike events).

Among non legendaries, Gorgosuchus, Proceratomimus and Suchotator stayed a long time on my team before I started replacing them with uniques.

Allosinosaurus was my first Legendary hybrid…or was it Indominus Rex? It has been so long. :slight_smile:

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Mine was stegodeus

Mine was stego followed by indominus and trago

Stegodeus was my first, followed by Indominus Rex and Monostegotops.

Those two were quickly grinded off my team but Domdom is still with me and she is stronger than ever :muscle:

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