Your first legendary?

I love my suchotator. The lethal strike is invaluable, as well all of the tater’s multiple talents. As of now, my tater and erlik are my two highest leveled dinos.

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My first one was Alankylosaurus back when the birbs first released. I kid you not, Alanqua was very underated, and the hybrid was better than Tragod (in my opinion, dont judge lol) back when tanks were quite good due to that swap in invincibility hard countering Indom, who was incredibly common during that time for me

Stegodeus, back when Stegosaurus were common to find

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And it’s name is AKINFENWA!

Yeah SteGOD. And I still run this dino because it can force players to use there power move sets and or swap in before they swap in there rats. Basically a damage fodder who can return at least one hit xD

I got Stegod and I. Rex so close together I can’t even remember which was first… I remember being at work when I finally got the last DNA for Indom, and taking an AR pic of her to send to another JWA friend, though.

Stegod. I’ve long since benched it but when I was on my team, it served me well.

First one for me was Alankylosaurus. That thing was an absolute unit back in the day. Then tanks got shafted because of the sudden influx of chompers…

It’s funny that you say that, because if you scroll up, you already said the same thing a few months earlier. :sweat_smile:

Mustve forgot i responded to this XD

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