Your first of each rarity

What is everyone first creature of epic through apex(if you have unlocked apex)

My list:

Epic- Ankylosaurus
Legendary- Monostegotops
Unique- Thoradolasaur
Apex- Hadros lux

Don’t remember epic
Legendary: Indom
Unique: Utarinex
Apex: Cera

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Epic: not 100% percent sure but i’m pretty sure it was rajasaurus
Legendary: indom
Unique: antven if it was through fusions though then its erlidom
Apex: ceramogus


Common: Velo
Rare: Not too sure
Epic: Blue
Legendary: Tragodistis
Unique: Indoraptor

Epic: trex, legendary, indom, unique, indoraptor, apex cera.

Common: Velociraptor
Rare: Utharaptor
Epic: T-rex
Legendary: Indominus rex
Uniqe: Indpraptor
Apex: none

Epic: Maiasaura
Legendary: Indominus
Unique: haven’t got one yet but going for scorp gen 3 and maybe IndoT (I have like 6000) carno DNA

No idea haha

Common: Velociraptor
Rare: Girafatitan
Epic: Wolly mamuth
Legendary: Allosinosaurus
Unique: Thoradolosaurus
Apex: no one still…

Epic: Sinoceratops and Tyrannosaurus if I remember correct.

Legendary: most probably Indominus

Unique: Diorajasaur

Not unlocked an Apex yet. Too lazy lol

Common tarbosaurs
Rare eniasuchus
Epic sarcorixis
Legendary diplovenator
Unique antarctivenator
Apex N/A

Common: Velociraptor
Rare: Nodosaurus
Epic: Pyroraptor
Legendary: Monomimus
Unique: Indoraptor
Apex: Hadros Lux

epic was erliko
legendary was indom since its my only one

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Epic: Stegoceratops?
Legendary: Stegodeus
Unique: Indoraptor
Apex: Ceramagnus

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Epic: can’t remember
Legendary: tyrannolophosaur
Unique: don’t have (I think I might get tenontorex since my first legendary is tyrannolophosaur)
Apex: also don’t have

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Epic:Woolly Rhino
Legendary:Indominus Rex


Epic: can’t remember
Legendary: indom
Unique: indoraptor
Apex: none yet

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Epic- erliko
Legendary - tragodistis
Unique - ardent
Apex- refrenantum

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common - einiosaurus
rare - postosuchus
epic - t rex
legendary - stegodeus
unique - indoraptor
apex - mortem

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