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Your game is horrendous Ludia. What a joke

The boost system is a rip off. You wanted to “encourage leveling your up your dinos”, well the game is unplayable.

What good is having max level dinos if your are going to lose due to speed boosts to the same dino but 4 levels lower?

Oh you have a max level Erlidom? Well the joke is on you because a level 26 is going to be faster than you and win anyway.

What a joke of a game. Speed boosts are horrendous and break the game. And the new system is terrible, 100 boosts per level without increasing the price? What are you insane?

So a level 26 Magna can beat my max level Indo because the opponent invested 300 more boosts than me?

Speed boosts should be removed. Or create an arena where people can play without boosts.

I don’t know why I even bother. You consistently make the game worst every update and nothing will change. The other boosts system was fine, you only needed to nerf the stat they awarded and stop selling them so regularly