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Your gen 2's

Send pictures of your own gen 2 creatures but JWA toolbox must be included
@tommy_paoli @Blacksaber you give out the best suggestions

Why do we need more Gen 2 creatures? I like the idea, refreshes some of the other dinos with a new skin, but we really don’t need more. I’d rather have original dinos than a Gen 2. But enough of the anti Gen 2 rant. If I were to give a Gen 2 to anything, it would be Sarcosuchus, Apatosaurus, Stego, Gallimimus, and maybe Carno.

I’d actually love to see a mammothG2, maybe with a white skin

My gen 2’s

I have created a couple of gen 2 concepts. Although I would prefer seeing new creatures added to the game, I wouldn’t mind if a few creatures got a gen 2 variant (specifically creatures featured in the Jurassic Park/World franchise).

sarcosuchus gen 2 jwa concept
deinocheirus gen 2 jwa concept

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We already have Velociraptor Gen 2.

In JWA This text will be blurred


It’s the JW velociraptor pack.

So raptor 2 is in Jurassic world alive


I think he mean Owen’s raptor in JW

like @Coconut_crab said, cheeseeater was probably speaking of the 2015 raptor pack, aka blue charlie, echo, and delta, since they are just re-skins of velociraptor with different names

there’s no raptor that’s just named velociraptor gen 2, but the raptor squad is basically that, along with gen 3, 4, and 5


I don’t think there should be any more gen 2’s unless they add a new rig…except:

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I completely forgot about the JW Dominion new creatures lol, Dimetrodon should be the only thing with a gen 3, and deinonychus and pyroraptor should get gen 2s. JW Dominion concept art ofc not mine lol.

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Not sure about dime getting a gen 3, but I’m down for pyro getting a gen 2 if it makes a big appearance in the movie

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My predictions for animals that could get a gen 2 are mamenchisaurus, camarasaurus, ceratosaurus, pachyrhinosaurus,lambeosaurus, desmatosuchus, Sphenacodon, tapejara centrosaurus, coelurus, coelophysis, plateosaurus, Shivatherium, Pelorovis, plaeoloxodon, arctodus, Megatherium and megalochelys, .
For unique animation creatures i would say gigantophitecus, megalania, procoptodon, Arthropleura and perhaps tanystropheus

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None of which are actually in the game.

Here are 2 for some popular creatures


Pteranodon is a joke cause I just wanted something stupid to have a higher attack stat than Mortem (like dilo gen 2 and it’s 1950 I think)