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Your gen 2's

Per gen 2 should not have instant distraction and defense switch them to defense shattering impact and impact and run and for slim gen 2 it should not have all of the ability’s switch it to evasive strike precise rampage and prowl and for both of they remove all of the resistance also nerf per gen 2 ‘s attack to 1000 and nerf slim gen 2 health to 3000 so both of them are not balanced correctly

What he was saying is that if this creatures are in the game they should have gen 2’s

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Dilo has 1850. Still should affect Dilophoboa by making the damage increase not decrease

Has anyone else thought of making a “hybrid” out of a creature and its GEN 2?

Yep but if they’re coming they’re probably have gen 2s

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I have a gen 2 hybrid

My gen 2

Got any patches