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Your greatest loss

… and no, I’m not talking about the hammerings you are currently getting in the arena; which creature did you love the most which is now … less than inspiring?

For me, its hands down Tryo - I loved my max boosted beastie … can’t see it being arena viable though; could be good in raids but I need to get my head round the arena first!

Spinocon. i was all ready to use her to a greater potential and then bam too many resilient moves and the loss of side step. She can’t do anything anymore. It was a loss i hated to take.


Probably Tryo too. I really don’t want to drop him but it will be hard. He’s my veteran, on my team since Feb '19


I loved my Erlikospyx before 2.0 (true sleeper). Hate that they changed it totally, but so far, it still seem good enough to stay in the team as a revenge killer… So, greatest loss would then be working on Gemini for nothing since Maxima was soo easy to make back then and now, they nerfed Gemini, and Maxima is the most OP dino in 2.0 (good news is I’m only missing Argent since they where giving everything else like candy, and guess what, it’s in my zone now… So, time to level up my Maxima!)


Gotta agree with Qiew. Spinocon didn’t even get a health/damage buff as compensation for the removal of exploit wound.


Ik it’s not a big nerf like all the others, but I was disappointed because in patch notes they made it sound like a buff. It was always my go to dino so I was super hyped for the “buff”, but in fact they secretly nerfed it


Mine was an unboosted level 20, initially had 1000+ damage, now down to about 760. I believe it’s speed was also lowered significantly. Didn’t really use it in the arena anymore, but it was handy for strike events where I was just feeling lazy and only wanted to press 1 button.

Utasino, that is my greatest loss. Was level 29 and was pushing 30 along indoraptor. But now utasino just feels worthless now


I’ve head that - my alt account was running one and I was levelling it up on my main as well :cry:

I know it’s not complete crap… but I am not happy about the Gemini nerf. I have been grinding for months to get it to lvl 26 on a team of mostly Lvl 29 and 30. It is just so much harder to level than any other dino that for it to be anything but the best dino in the game is a shame. It is needed to keep Dentist in check and now it gets steamrolled by both Dentist and Tryk.

Here’s what I’m sad about:

Is now all about distract, in a world where every dino and its mom can cleanse or resist distract, save for a few that probably nobody wants to use anyway. It gets to sit and watch as all the other bleeders are having fun taking down tanks.

Now I have to change my whole strategy into an actual rattegy to keep him around. He attacks, then I drop the rat around to deal massive damage to tanks, or I could sacrifice Kapro and deal quite some armor piercing damage against stuff that’s slower than 125 speed.

Gets slowed down almost every time. Cloak barely works, Thors keep bypassing it. Tryko slows it down and kicks it into oblivion. Smaxima sticks its tongue at Erlidom because of 2 turn invincibility. Quetzorion and Christmas Chicken deny it the speed up, a tactic I used on them before to win some matches.

On the lesser affected side, Carnotarkus. Yes, I am glad it still has a rampage. I am sad though that it has lost quite some HP and attack, and that most of the arena stuff reduces rend attacks or resists distraction.


I would say my entire team. Only Ardentis and Tryko are any good now. Everyone else, including my beloved Tarkus, is just falling to… Well, funny enough, the first two I mentioned.

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F for Spyx. Best bleeder reworked into plain, boring distracter.


It doesn’t even make sense. It only has one ancestor in its bloodline that has debilitating distraction which is just a strike. Spinonyx doesn’t even retain distraction in the first place but gains bleed and precise rampage.


Erlidom is struggling, and Indo gen 2 is decimated for me


F for both indos. They’re run over by almost everything now including Tenontorex.


And Spyx even lost Debilitating Distraction, probably the best distracting move in the game, and the only distracting move its ancestor has. These Spyx changes make no sense.


Spyx and Geminititan. Note that both of these creatures I had none of, but I was working towards them and I was extremely close, which was quite disappointing. As for current creatures, Monostego bit the dust, and Erlidom kinda lost its niche of being a hit and runner. Really hope Monostego gets reverted, I mean its not like it was OP or anything

Gemini got hit REALLY hard as DSA is now a 1 turn delay

They couldve atleast taken out its armour piercing capability :man_shrugging:. Monostego was quite balanced. Erlidom too. Spyx’s moveset was reasonable.