Your highest tourney spot so far?


Just clawed my way to here… probably won’t stay too long, but still. :smiley: I’ll take it for now.

Where are you?


4200ish here is the highest ive been. Debating trying for top 500, not sure i have the cards for it though.

Great job to you!


Very nice, made it this far this morning, but loss a few matches later on in the day, now back in the 4400s. Should make my way back up again after some slots empty.

Definitely need to start grinding soon, been kinda lazy since I got back from vacation :joy:


Not to hijack my own thread, but this is the kind of thing that really ticks me off (language kept mild to prevent being flagged). So much for the place I had reached. Run into one or two of these chumps and BAM! down about 50 places.

There is NO REASON players like this should be allowed to impact legit people. So much for the banwave…


Good job though! 2020


Yeah that’s the same reason why I dropped down a few ranks myself. Lost to a spoofer, and they paired me with the same opponent right after. The banwave ain’t doing too much at the moment :man_shrugging:t3:

I’d take an L from a legit player any day. Hopefully you can make your way back up.


I got to the top 40 recently… lol


A new all time high for me!


Im stuck at 10,12 for days because the next guy have like 500 points more than me haha

I will say a tip when the tournament end xd


I’ve been stuck here, but I’m also stubborn, and refuse to spend real money on a free game.


Im trying to hang out here:

Really hoping to finish top 500 without battling.


Im at 3445 I believe… still stuck on that…


This is mine, was around 3600, purposely deranked myself under 3k cause I kept battling people over 4k. Now making a surge and trying to get to 4k before tournament end, battles now seem to be a lot more fair after I stepped down.


Good luck bro… :blush:
I believe that you’ve made it…:+1::muscle:


Thanks bro!! So far its holding pretty well :smiley:


I’m always stuck between 3700-3900, right now is my highest, I’m just trying to make it to 4000 and everytime I’m close I get knocked back down😔


Just made it… Im all about the last minute


My all time record from a couple days ago. Not too shabby.


Once ranked at 168
then dropped out of top 500
then climbed slowly up to 189
then few bad RNGs send me out of top 500 again
now slowly climbed back to 371
not sure whether I can break into 250 eventually since I feel battles are really neck-to-neck now