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Your idea for a Jurassic Park TV series?

(not sure if there’s a thread like this already)

I think it’s a shame we haven’t gotten a TV show yet. I think there’s great possibility for one. All sorts of ideas could be explored. But I want to know your thoughts, hopes and dreams for a TV show. What would be your ideal show? What ideas do you have that you’d love to see brought to the screen? How would you write the very first live action Jurassic Park TV series?

Personally, I would love to see the world of the comics brought to the big screen. Granted, there’s some ludicrous stuff in the comics (particularly Malcolm and Ellie affair,) but I actually like the story and some of the characters in the comics quite a bit. I love the full out war between BioSyn and InGen. Now, with the current continuity some ideas would have to be changed up, but I think there’s definitely potential for an engaging story here.

Now I’ll hand it over to you.

Running and Screaming

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Now that’s chaos theory


I got one is we fellow one dinosaur (like the other shows likes this) and it eats people and it’s life maybe after FK. The

My idea jp series would be called new beast. This is a prequel series that takes place some time between jp3 and the opening of jurassic world but this is about cenozoic animals

If we are talking a live action show post Dominion, then the obvious answer (although not original in any way) is to follow a DPG team as they attempt to track down and capture creatures out in the wild. Nothing original but it’s an idea.

Otherwise I would like to see a prequel that sees Hammond and InGen create and build the original Jurassic Park.

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I would like to see a series based through Dr Wu’s eyes to see how he became what he is now.

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Yea same here; a book would be really cool too!

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