Your ideal team?


This isn’t about a full uniques team. In fact, I’d say the rules are to keep it just between commons, rares and epics to have more variety, because otherwise we would all just say legendaries and uniques and it wouldn’t be interesting.

There are dinosaurs whose movesets I find amazing but I’ve never had the chance to get in my team because they don’t spawn nearby so they are severely underleveled. For instance, Erlikosaurus Gen 2 is amazing but mine is just level 6 :’( This would be my ideal team if I could have enough DNA or coin for them to be decent level :

And then there’s another kind of team. The team you would like to have if the dinosaurs were good enough for the arena, because either they were always your favorite but they need a buff or you think they look beautiful but they don’t do enough damage and you wish you could use them more.

This would be my Beauty Squad:

They are so lovely, all of them! Amargasaurus is the most beautiful longneck I’ve ever seen. Triceratops has always been the best <3 and Ankylosaurus is soooo cute! I fell in love with Stygimoloch watching Fallen Kingdom and it’s such a shame she is useless in combat. Rexy will always be the Queen of my heart, I’m very fond of Tarbosaurus ever since she won me many matches in lower arenas, Velociraptor is irreplaceable and Blue is literally my favorite character in the Jurassic franchise. Ideal team :heart_eyes:


Agreed, if you play it right, erlikosaurus is the best counter for any raptor. I use stuns from my stegoceratops, then switch to erliko to finish him off. That way I have the movespeed buff and I can counter most of the dinos that come in except for pure tanks. The 3d ability is also very very good to counter big damage dinos like rexes. I got my erlikosaurus gen 2 at lvl 14 atm and honestly it may be my favourite dino in the game!


Got erkilosaurus at level 16… my best Dino.

Rather that than my raptor amd indominous