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Your ideal update

The 1.10 notes were kind of sparse, but it was a bit of a mini update, so there should be bigger things to come. Here are some things that I hope happen in the 1.11 notes. Feel free to list yours! I call my fake patch the “QOL update.”

Alliance Improvements

  • Requests and the alliance chat are split between two tabs.
  • Coleaders added, which have the same privileges as leaders.
  • Donatators to a donation are shown when the “i” is tapped after a request has expired.
  • Alliance mission badges now show the top 3 contributors.
  • Alliances can create their own custom flag via importing images, or making their own in a flag maker.
  • A “change leader” option. If ALL of the coleaders within an alliance want to transfer ownership from the leader to someone else, they must all hit a special tab on the leader’s profile to remove their leadership, and transfer it to a coleader of their chosing. The leader can also do this willingly if they so chose.

New Leader/Coleader Privileges

  • View a player’s last time active for over 10 minutes
  • Promote people to coleader
  • Demote coleaders to standard members
  • Remove dinos from sanctuaries. If a dino is removed by force, no return DNA is given.
  • Lock sanctuaries (detailed below)
  • View donations on individual requests at any time.

Sanctuary Changes

  • Sanctuaries shared to alliances can now be “locked” by coleaders and leaders to prevent anyone not in the alliance from hijacking it.
  • Notes can be left on sanctuaries by leaders and coleaders.
  • Dinos can be forcefully removed by leaders of the alliance they are shared in.
  • Pterosaurs can now be placed in sanctuaries.

World Exploration

  • Zone alteration; balancing out the zones. (I.E L2 is toned somewhat down, while L1 and L4 are made more worthwhile)
  • Zones will now ROTATE biweekly. 1 -> 2, 4 -> 1, etc.
  • All tournament exclusive dinos now spawn in the wild. This includes, Scolo, Bronto, Dsung, Blue, and Diplodocus.
  • Increase dino spawn rate in general.
  • Individual zones are now color coded. L1 has a blue tint, L2 has a green tint, L3 has a red tint, and L4 has a yellow tint.
  • Rare scents now guarantee 3 rare creatures
  • Epic scents now guarantee 3 epic creatures

Speed Tie Resolution Change:

  • When two dinos of the same rarity, level, and base speed fight against eachother, a sliding bar appears. Both players must tap the screen in an attempt to get the bar as close to the center bullseye target. The player that gets most accurate hit will attack first.

Boost Changes

  • Boosts 2.0 looks promising. I just want one thing changed: when removing boosts, you are refunded 100% of the boosts spent. This is a result of the constantly shifting meta, which is out of the player’s control.

Ability Updates

  • Evasive Stance: 50% chance to dodge on the first turn. If the dodge is successful, the chance decreases to 33%. If the dodge is unsucessful, the chance increases to 66%.
  • Cloak: Same Changes as Evasive Stance
    Swap-In Stun: Chance of stun increased to 75%.

Critical Hit Change

  • All dinos with between 5-10% critical hit chance have their critical hit chance reduced to 0%. This is to lessen the impact RNG has on the battle.

Balance Changes: (most of these changes are buffs to diversiy the meta.)

  • Ardentismaxima: Health reduced to it’s former 5400. Deccelarating Strike becomes Pinning Strike.

  • Carbotoceratops: Health increased to 4150.

  • Carnotarkus: Health increased to 4100, Precise Rampage becomes Definite Rampage

  • Diloranocherius: Gains Immune to Stun. Health increased to 3550

  • Dimodactylus: Health increased to 3500

  • Dracoceratops: Health increased to 3200, gains 10% armor. Swap-In Rampage becomes Swap-In Stunning Strike, Regenerate becomes Dig-In.

  • Dracorex GEN 2: Swap-In Rampage becomes Swap-In Definite Strike.

  • Diorajasaurus: Armor increased to 40%

  • Erlikospyx: Attack increased to 1580

  • Erlidominus: Health reduced to 3150.

  • Geminititan: Loses Immunity, attack increased to 1550. This is to make it a more offensive, non immune alternative to Maxima.

  • Grypolyth: Undergoes a complete rework. New kit is Long Defensive Strike, Ferocious Impact, Immobilize, Rending Attack, and Minor Rending Counter. stats remain to the same:

  • Monomimus: Speed increased to 129. Health increased to 3300, attack increased to 1400.

  • Miragaia: Shielded Deccelarating Strike becomes Shielding Strike, attack reduced to 1200. This change does not effect Dsungaia.

  • Pterovexus: Basic attack becomes Distraction, Swoop becomes Lethal Swoop

  • Procerathomimus: Attack reduced to 1400, health reduced to 3200.

  • Pyritator: Gains Immune to Deccelaration

  • Smilonemys: Long Defensive Strike becomes Superior Vulnerability. This is to slightly remedy it’s reduced attack stat.

  • Stygidaryx: Instant Invincibility becomes Acute Stun, Gains Immunity to Stuns, loses Immunity to Bleed. This switch in immunties is made because of the nature of Daryx’s playstyle making it’s current immunity useless.

  • Tenontorex: Speed increased to 112

  • Tragodistis: Superiority Strike becomes Superior Vulnerability.

  • Tuoramoloch: Gains 15% armor, attack increased to 1200.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Attack increased to 2000. Because it’s a T Rex.

  • Utarinex: Gains Swap-In Headbutt, Deccelarating Strike becomes Long Deccelarating Strike. Critical hit chance increased to 15%.

  • Utasinoraptor: Speed becomes 126. This is due to armor reducing it’s speed.


I just want more real dinosaurs, honestly.


Agreed, i want ceratosaurus and acrocanthosaurus. These would be two serious dinos and lovely additions to this game.


Oh for sure. More new real dinos could make hunting more exciting, especially they have a good hybrid.

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This looks great :ok_hand:t2:
I’ll be sorely disappointed when none of it happens, come 1.11.

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all i really want to be honest is for indominus rex to get a good buff, and with that i mean not just another health and attack/damage buff, but rather change her move set a bit to make it a bit better, give her armour, and atleast a slight speed buff (atleast have her be faster than most, if not all other big chompers in the game, like thordor, tryko, tenonorex and tyrannolopho for example) especially considering the fact that it’s made from the number 1 fastest creature in the game, aka velociraptor. kind of annoys me a bit how indominus rex is slower than for example tryko and especially thordor considering the fact that while both tryko and indominus rex have t-rex (one of the slowest creatures in the game) in their dna, indominus rex also has velociraptor (again, the number 1 fastest creature in the entire game), but tryko has ankyntro who is a tank with not even half the speed of velociraptor, yet some how, for which ever stupid reason, tryko is faster, even though it also has a ton of armour that would probably just slow it down even more?! and why is thordor faster than both indominus rex and tryko?! both of thordors components/parents/whateveryoucallit are slower than both indominus rex and tryko (allsino = 106 speed, tarbo= 104 speed, while indominus rex = 107 speed, but hopefully faster after 1.11… and tryko = 108 speed), yet somehow, thordor is faster than both indominus rex, and tryko with 109 speed?! what the heck is that bs?! where did that extra speed come from!? if anything thordor should be just as slow, if not maybe even slightly slower than allosino thanks to tarbo. but i guess that’s just my opinion… who nobody care’s about…

anyways, where was i? oh right… ok so back on topic or what ever, my buff idea for indominus rex:

  • increase her speed to anywhere between 109 to ~112 or so

  • replace armour piercing strike with defense shattering strike

  • replace armour piercing impact with distracting impact

  • give her 10% to 20% armour

  • and maybe even give her a swap in ability, preferably swap in wound or swap in distraction, or swap in nullification

then i guess we could also nerf her health and attack/damage a bit aswell (decrease health from 4500 to 4350 and maybe decrease attack/damage from 1600 to either 1550, or 1500), but personally i would preferably keep her health and attack/damage stats the way they are right now…

You do have a point about her being slower than the super hybrids that use slower components. Thor i have no excuse for. Tryko probably has its speed do to its balance being better. It can use its clubbed tail as a ballast while running. But indom, according to the wiki, can run at speeds of 30 mph, almost double what a Rex can do. Considering she could withstand direct shots from powerful human weaponry, giving her armor makes sense. The rest of her stats could stay the same.

speaking of which, i would also personally like to change thordor a little slight bit by decreasing its speed from 109 to either 106 or 105, or at the very VERY least 107, and then maybe give it some type of swap in ability and some type of immunity or something to try to make up for it

swap in ability - i’d say either swap in stun or a new swap in acute stun or something that would make sense with it’s components/parents/whatever, but also something that doesn’t deal direct damage, because then it would basically become the rat king or what ever, being able to swap in with atleast like 2k to 3k damage crit strike that also may or may not stun…

immunities - immunity to stuns and/or immunity to DoT/bleed and/or a new immunity to rending

It makes sense for thor to be faster than allosino. It has no armor, so it’s faster.

Besides, if it’s slower, it becomes way worse. It can’t win against trykos anymore. I doesn’t need any form of speed decrease, even with some new ability; it’s fine the way it is.

not that much faster, and besides, if its speed got decreased to just 106 or 107 it would still be faster than allsino thanks to being a higher rarity, and usually alot higher leveled and alot higher boosted as well

what ever, if indominus rex ever gets the buffs i mentioned in my first reply, indominus rex would easily fill that spot as a tryko counter instead, even better counter than thordor ever was at that :roll_eyes::unamused: