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Your Ideas to balance the game

Well,instead of whining about the last game balance and somethings that make me think ludia did’nt try his last patch (hello draco family),i have though ,“what if we imagine how to balance it”?

Maybe if we tell you some way to try,you will at least give it a try since lot of dinosaurs are still garbage and since the beginning of the game (stigymoloch gen2,sarco,monolophosaurus gen2 ect…)

So,i make this topic so we can at least bring our ideas:
-This is not a topic where we whine about OP dinosaurs
-Try to be realistic,i don’t want to see something like a dracocera which just can’t be countered
-You can creat new abilities

1-The sauropods family


Maybe not because they are strong enough:

This family is actually considered as a tank but lets face it,it counter almost nothing.
End game with bleeders and hard hitters,you don’t see any sauropods because they are useless.
So how to fix it?

1-Increase their HP
2- New ability:Swap in protection:When an opponant with a “swap in shattering rampage”,“swap in shattering impact”,“swap in shattering strike” come into play,divide the dmg done by 2 AND
if the opponant swap in while you choose an action with your dino(T-rex for example),you will have a new information while 5sec where you can choose to cancel your action and swap in with your sauropod!
example:You have T-rex ,opponant have baryonyx
You choose shattering rampage with your t-rex,Your opponent choose “swap in shattering rampage” with dracoceratops
You will have a popup for 10sec,warning you,dracoceratop enter (only if you have a sauropods: for example an apatosaurus) and you can cancel your last action to swap in with apatorsaurus.
2nd turn:Apatosaurus enter the battlefield,dracoceratop enter the battlefield and do 2X less damage.

3-A new strike which is composed of pinning strike (lock the rat on the battlefield ) AND reduced heal received by 2 !
So,you can go ahead and creat your new rat family,since they will have a decent counter!
I think these changes are needed,because this family should have the biggest HP pool so they have to counter the rat family!!!

2-The counter attacker theropods!


Almost all the member of the family have an average health,a low speed,a shield and have just the ability to counter attack!
Their kit don’t work because they have no sustain!!They die to quickly,in the second turn shield or not!
The solution?
1-New passive ability:“Hit and heal”:Heal a % of the health back which will depend of the power of the dino :The heal on’t cleanse!!!It is not because you heal that you are cured of the slow or distraction!
(example:majungasaurus:each hit will heal 8% ,carnotaurus :each hit will heal 6%,Purrolyth:10% ect…)
It mean a dinosaur with 8% hit and heal,if he strike twice because the opponant hit him will heal 16% in a turn!
In the same time,if an opponant use evasive stance,ready to crush,long shield,cloak(ability which don’t deal dmg),your dino will heal only 8% in a turn!
I think these dino just need more sustain and will make them clearly more viable since i have never saw one on a battlefield since the beginning of the game!

3-The raptor family

-Tanycolagreus (It is not a raptor but he get the same bonus!)

Not including becasue too powerful:

This family used to be part of the strongest meta at the begenning of the game and now is totally useless once you reach a certain lvl.
I feel it don’t need a lot but clearly,you have to do something for them!
1-New passive ability:“Faster”:Immune to all instant skills including:
-instant rampage
-instant charge
-instant distraction
They don’t deal damage (or maybe truly reduced) and don’t deal any effect.
2-Increase speed of the whole family:an utahraptor should’nt be slower than indoraptor!
3-Pounce reduce the bleeding power by 2!Raptor should beat any bleeder at least!

4-The bird and Chicken family!


Including: Chicken
-Erlikosaurus gen2

-1Increase their speed -to be competitive with raptor,they are part of the high speed family at least!
-2Minimal speed up strike is not very useful later,maybe buff it or add a special effect?
or else: 3-New passive ability: supporters:Every round,they are not played,they earn +2% HP,+2% dmg (can be cumulate)
example:you play your gallimimus lvl 26 turn 10
:lvl 26 hp:1800
lvl 26 dmg:1270
turn 10 will be: hp: +360 (2160hp)
dmg:+254 (1524dmg)
It stop cumulate once its on the battlefield!


This one is not part of any family but clearly he is underpowered compared to his cousin einasuchus!

1-Buff swap in defense:now 3 turn instead of 2%
2-new skill:“Ferocious death” ,When sarcorixis die,the next dinosaur entering the battle earn a +25%dmg ability for his 2 first turn.

6-Dimetrodon family

-Dimetrodon gen2


This family have the advantage to be immune,have an average speed (between 107 and 113) and not so much health.
It have a small advantage on any tank , slower,bleeder but thats it.
Thats why,it would have a new skill:
1-“Robber strike” cooldown 2:Steal one of the opponant ability (you will choose which one when you click on the skill,you can’t steal passive abilities)
But any dmg done on the skill (rampage ,impact and others)are replaced by the dmg of the dimetrodon family instead of the dmg of the opponant creature.
With this ability,this family will become clearly more annoying with the possibility to use annoyance of the enemy itself!
You can copy a swap out regeneration,evasive stance,instant charge.Just,even if you copy a shattering rampage of a t-rex,you won’t do the same dmg…

7-Crocodiles family

Including:Family 1:pure crododile:
-Purrusaurus gen 2

Family 2:others crocodiles:

These 2 family are not really useful (maybe except postosuchus which is the best of them) and should have something more attractive to use them:
1: passives death new skills(have to choose which one to add) :
1-Ferocious death:Your next dinosaurs earn a +25% dmg his 2 first turn he come in.
2-Shield death:Your next dinosaurs earn a +50%Shield for his two first turn
3-Distracting death:Enemy dino get -50% dmg the next 2 turns
4-nullifying death:Remove every positive effect of the opponent dino
5-Vunerable death:Enemy dino because vulnerable for the next 2 turns and is unable to swap for 2 turn
6-Give a +X% speed to your next dinosaurs his 2 first turn.
7-Give a +X% crit to your next dinosaurs his 2 first turn
8-The enemy dino bleed

8-Irritator and Baryonyx family

-Irritator gen2
-Baryonyx gen2

This family have one big ability,the “ready to crush”,a speed between 122 and 124 which is not that bad but can barely do anything except against tanks Because they loose one turn to activate their skill.
The skill idea is excellent,giving a turn to the opponent to decide how to counter it before getting wreck.
1-New passive skill:Anger: Every time an opponent swap:give definitive +10% health,+10% dmg,+5% crit
2-New passive skill:Every time an opponent dino die by baryonyx or irritator family,it heal +25%,give definitive +10% hp,+10%dmg and +5% crit!The heal is not a cleanse!

This will make a better standalone dino and good to play against the swap in and out strategy!

9-Stygimoloch,Stygimoloch gen 2 and dracorex

1-Be part of the defense shattering rampage or defense shattering impact plan,since they can be countered.

10-Stegosaurus family

-Stegodeus(no more short shield)


Too shiny at the 1.4 update,this family is now less useful,still useful against raptor and distracting dinosaurs or few nich but thats it!
**1-New ability:Spiky shield:**This ability don’t bring you any armor!But it creat a red spiky shield which can be destroy by any armor shattering capacity:a trap!!Once destroy,it will reduce by 2 the dmg done to your dinosaurs and your opponant will get X% mirror dmg.(Maybe 50%)
This one will bring here some strategy,the “armor shattering” capacity will no longer rule the battlefield for no reason and the armor piercing impact will have more shiny days.

11-Monolophosaurus family

-monolophosaurus gen2
-dilophosaurus gen 2

Well,this family have are not good at the moment neither:its a mix of distracting strike and nullifying abilities which are not so good.
An interesting ability would be to harass the enemy like the actual pyroraptor or monolophosaurus do actually by simply put attack to 0%.
1-The turn they enter on the battlefield,they do a distracting ability!(no damage)
2-New passive ability:If you kill a dino:You unlock a second distracting ability
3-They should all have swap in distraction which should stay at least 2 turn


They are weak,replace their simple strike by the old 33% chance stun strike


have him even a use?clear answer is no,it have no impact by his presence!Give them at least a rampage and run or grantly increase his stats!

14-Ankylosaurus family

-Ankylosaurus gen2

This family don’t stay really a long time on the battlefield becasue when you see them,you just switch for your big T-rex since,they don’t do a lot of damage.
1-Increase their armor from 50 to 65%(except armagocephalus)
2-Make their vulnerability strike last 3 turn at least!
The goal is even if your creature die,the vulnerability stand still.

15-Iguanodon family

Well,this family have a good health pool an average speed and average damage.
But they’re mechanism is mostly based on the swap in and out effect,so i see 2 choice to help them.

**1-New passive effect:Strong runners:**Everytime,one of this dinosaurs swap out,it regen 25 % hp and the next time he enter the battlefield ,earn +10%hp,+10%dmg,+5 speed(can cumulate)
2-Or else,immune to stun and slowdown.

16:Diplocolus and koolasuchus family

-Diplocolus gen 2
-koolasuchus gen 2

This family look like the monolophosaurus family:Lots of distracting use ,nullifying abilities ,some of them have instant distraction or slow move,but at least,there kit is not useful late game.
How to fix it?
Maybe we could seperatate them from the monolophosaurus family by increasing their strengh for each turn they are alive!
1-new passive ability:“Swamp fever”:Each turn alive,this family receive a +10% attack dmg,+5% crit(max 40),+10% armor (max 40)
2-new passive ability:“swap in distraction” last 2 turn now


Very good early game and not at all late game,these 3 fellas need a sligh buff aswell!
1:new passive ability:“Hungry”: More the opponant have HP,the more you will have %crit chance!
Example:Opponant 100%hp ->Tarbosaurus =80% crit,Allosaurus 60% crit gorgosaurus 60% crit
Opponant 80% hp ->Tarbosarusu = 60% crit Allosaurus 40% crit gorgosaurus 40% crit
Opponant 60% hp -> Tarbosarus = 40% crit Allosaurus 20%crit Gorgosaurus 20% crit
Opponant under 60%-> tarbosaurus = 40% crit Allosaurus 20% crit Gorgosaurus 20% crit
2:Increase slightly either health or dmg

Here we are,what i should do to balance the game!
maybe its not that good but at least i give it a try!
What should you do?
Show your imagination,even if it will never be realeased


I’m still hoping for Immunity Shield and more Vulnerability moves🤞


Oh yeah,that would be a nice addiction!
You mean a shield which absorb every distraction,slow but which can be destroy by a shattering or a nullifying strike?


Why are you classifying tanycolagreus as a raptor?

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If i buff all the raptor,i have to buff tanyco aswell!
tanyco itself is a special creature,his mecanism have nothing to compare to any others creature of the game but i think,he need the same power so it means,
1-he need to be competitive with others raptor and birds
2-he have to be immune to instant
3-since he don’t have pounce,maybe he need one more special ability!

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Imo, the main box of worms is that Ludia no longer limits the hybrids with tradeoffs.

They used to have weaker base stats than their pure counterparts (look at I-Rex for example).

But now… Diloracheirus 129 speed??? Thoradolosaurus 40% crit AND 109 SPEED??? Spinachsuchus 129 SPEED??? TRYKOSAURUS 108 SPEED AND 30% ARMOR AND 30% CRIT???

The base dinos need to have better base stats than their hybrids, because the advantage of the hybrids should be a better / more flexible kit. Currently they both have a better kit AND better stats, except a selected very few.


OK, but tanycolagreus isn’t related to raptors; I get your idea of the buff though but still tanycolagreus isn’t from the raptor family

Just remove all the SWR moves

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This is why a bit of reality is. Needed in assignment of skill sets. And some basic knowledge of the dinosaurs.

Give the sauropods much bigger critical. They were the biggest land animals ever. If they hit it’s gonna hurt.

Ankylosaurides should have armor / or shield breaking… Again based on reality they were heavy armored and science has proven that they clubs… Even the smallest could crush bone… Even if they weren’t used for defense it was used to smash into other ankylosaurides who were super armored…

Stuns shield breaks armor breaks make sense and allow for more viable play with them.

Etc. Just change skills adjust stats on the old Dino’s that will balance the game just fine

BTW. PROCERATUS is a tyranosaurs family member


Or else to have skills to defend themself ,but i understand you,for moment,the only goal of the game is to creat the top 10 boring uniques which look more like monsters than dinosaurs!
And the game is still taking the wrong direction!
1st:When metahub have creat the TOP Tier ,you already know there is a problem when you ahve 7 different classes!
You have hatchling,survivor,omega,alpha,scavenger,Apex,tyrant.
And the metahub is accurate about it!
So at same level :A tyrant can take of easily 3 hatchling survivor which is completly useless!
And instead of balancing the game:You have monster which have NO COUNTERS(hello rat family) or some uniques and in the same time,you have creatures like hatzegopteryx ,sarcosuchus or stygimoloch gen2 which can do NOTHING!!Except if you have at least 7 lvl higher,you cant even think to damage your opponant!!
So in a same time,you have 5% overpowered creatures and on the other hand 50% garbage creatures?
And in the 50%,the most interesting creatures we awant to play are useless??
I know lots of you would prefer to play his carnotorus,his spinosaurus or his apatosaurus but when you see the skills,the lack of strategy or the bad stats,except if you play in the lower arena,you can’t do nothing when you meet the firsts hybrids!

Yup,i make a quick description,to say its not part of them but he get the same boost!

I understand what you mean:
When i was young,i loved to understand how dinosaurs have evolve and how they lived!
Of course in reality,sauropods should get the highest chance of critical ,
Baryonyx shouldn’t get ready to crush since he almost eat fish
Tyrranosaurus should’nt get shattering rampage
But if you manage to build the balance of the game by the reality,you will have a problem!
Because dimorphodon or dilophosaurus will beat nobody in the list!

They already done beat any one on the list.

And yes ready to crush makes sense as the were predominate fishers and that would mean waiting to pounce for a one strike kill.

And I said based off of as in some what grounded in reality. As in have the move sets make sense with the Dino that are assigned to

Of course shattering rampage makes sense on a giant near eating insanely powerful strong Dino.

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Why exactly shouldn’t Tyrannosaurus get shattering rampage? It has a bite force of 3.5 metric tons (34 500+ Newton), it could literally chomp a car in half if it could fit the vehicle into its mouth…

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Exactly as I said a little bit of knowledge…

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Yes,but in term of shield breaking,ankylosaurus was better in term of power ,or else an apatosaurus should have wreck a car just by walking on it!

And that is why they both have rampage moves or rampage equaling moves in thier families

And I do mean no disrespect but you leave braciosaurus out because it is strong enough which is fair but argentinasaurus is also a very nice and capable Dino.

I don’t know your play level but there is alot of apparently lacking knowledge.

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I sit at 3700 trophies,where i see almost only legendaries and uniques.(and suchotator)
I don’t see any brachi or argenti at this level!
And others creatures are overleveled!
You see lvl 22 indominus or lvl25 allosaurus to beat them

That’s cuz I’m not up there yet lol

And because the higher you go the more generalized specialist you need.