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Your Ideas to balance the game

That is why the Ankylosaurus family has vulnerability strike with the icon of a broken leg.

I don’t know what else to say to you at this point. Breaking bones are not that hard and any muscular dinosaur can do. Stegosaurus can break bones with Thagomiser as well.

3.5 metric tons of crushing power? Nothing comes close other than giant crocodiles like Deinosuchus and Megalodon. Tyrannosaurus is literally a monster among animals.


I know,but i missed the time where i played at least with trues dinosaurs at lower level!
When you reach 3000 ,you start to see legendaries hybrids and dinosaurs dissappear!
But playing only with hybrids when you are fascinated by dinosaurs is not really interesting,i think!

For the tyrannosaurus strengh ,i remember his family was one of the strongest the world chave ever carry and even allosaurus family or spino family could’nt bite this strong!

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I feel ya there that’s why I’m in the marshes. I could focus on the most relevant team and power level them but then I’d get bored. And would be unable to quickly adjust to changes.

So right now i level what I like go as high as team is good for and enjoy.

I just wish they would adjust our old favorites to relevance rather than make new Dino’s with new skills.


On the trex front yes he had the biggest bite force. And surprisingly strong little arms. This lens alot of weight to the theory that he scavenged more than hunted.

Pinning dinos and counter attackers (ones that perform a full counter) definitely needs huge buffs. In this week’s strike events themed flee, Ludia suggests players use dinos with pinning to counter them, but it’s a horrible idea as pinning dinos loses to swappers. Dioraja and grypolyth are going down if faced by green chicken and rinex.


The scavanger theory was debunked already long ago, and it was only believed to be true in the first place by delusional paleontologists like Jack Horner…

Like, there are a plethora of evidence why it isn’t true:

  • While Rex is not a particularly fast runner, it’s still able to chase down prey, since Ankylosaurus, Triceratops and Torosaurus aren’t exactly fast either
  • There are like two other predators in the geographical and time range of T. Rex; one being Dakotaraptor and the other one being the Nanotyrannus, which is currently has a 80% certainty of being a juvenile Rex. To be a dedicated scavenger, you need multiple predator species in your ecological area (look at vultures today)… There isn’t even a single Apex predator in the area other Rex, all it has is one or two medium carnivores.
  • T. Rex was most likely endothermic or at least mesothermic, like a monitor or tegu lizard. You simply can’t support such a massive body using up so much energy from carcass alone.
  • There are direct predation marks on both dead and attack-surviving specimens of Triceratops and Edmontosaurus
  • Apex predators are usually the most aggressive and territorial compared to similar, non-apex species. There is a male specimen (Wyrex) with more than half of its tail ripped off by another Rex. From animals we know today, only carnivores keeping crucial hunting grounds engage in combat including lethal wounds like that (it’s also fascinating that Wyrex survived that humiliation and the tail began to heal).

I didn’t say he was a scavenger only. Both bears and lupines will scavenge as well as hunt. Where as tigers if I am correct will refuse carrion in all shapes and forms.

So it is very likely that the trex was as opportunistic as a man fresh released from a 15 year stretch in the pen.

Ah, you meant that.That’s fair game.

Though, bears and lupines aren’t good comparisons, since bears are omnivores except polar bear and lupines are mesocarnivore (eat some plant material).

You are correct on the fact though that Rex is very likely a hypercarnivore (eats only meat, like snakes, big cats, etc) and does take carrion. Kinda like a prehistoric lion.

I don’t know tigers that much, I never heard of that. But many reptiles do refuse carcasses unless literally minutes fresh. Snakes in particular (that’s why it’s hard to get them on a frozen-thawed mice diet)

You should had put it with the dilophosaurus