“Your incubator is ready to open”. NOT

Anyone seen that message on your phone? It’s telling you that your incubator is ready to collect. Well I get it frequently.

The other night I slid the notification open and went to activate my next incubator. (8hr it was 1am and was my “bed incubator”) instead of ACTIVATING my 8 hour I realized i had just PURCHASED the 8hr!

I was mad because the game just told me my incubator was ready to COLLECT. So after reviewing the items. I looked at my 3hr that was “ready to open” and it says it has 20 minutes left on it!

I relaunch the game and once it’s started the 3hr that had 20 minutes left now says COLLECT. So how did this game just magically jump 20 minutes?!? This cost me 80 hard cash to open an incubator I was trying to ACTIVATE.

Had the game not glitched and showed the wrong time and not fast forwarding to current like it does in battles I wouldn’t have wasted 80 bucks.

So I wrote support tell them the time date what happened. I’m told that they don’t refund purchases and that they do not assist in the progress of my game.

…progress of my game? I’m not hurting on cash and I’m not trying to progress in the game by telling you that your game is screwed up and I want my 80 hard cash back. I told them to reset the incubator to not open and let me wait 8 hours as intended.

Support sucks and acts like it’s coming out of their pocket. Your game screwed up send me back my 80 hard cash.