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Your Legendary Champions

For those of you like me who aren’t yet top tier but sometimes/often find yourselves facing off with superior (either much higher-level or unique/Apex quality) opposition, which creatures do you use of Legendary rarity (or less!) that tend to be able to go toe-to-toe with whatever comes your way? Extra points if your creature doesn’t appear one anyone’s official “best” list.

I’d like to volunteer Poukaidei as a new champion of mine, who has valiantly defended my team as an opener against beginner and medium Thors with grace. At level 16 it was taking on level 22 Indominus Rexes, and now at 18 with a single speed and single damage boost, it’s done an admirable job against other cunnings and fierces.

I’d also like to say that Alloraptor is now my favourite hybrid. The power it can put out covers so much ground makes it far more useful than its simple kit might suggest. Probably doesn’t hurt that the bulk of the boosts I’ve received have gone into it lately, so it’s sitting at 136 speed, lots of power, and I may have given it a health boost (I can’t remember).


my favorite in terms of team defense and support is Tragodistis (which I named mine “Tank” who has Tier 7 Health and Attack), in terms of Offense (and design) it’s Eremoceros, in terms of Overall Power and Ferocity it’s Indominus Rex and Allosinosaurus.

(Revenge Power is Acrocanthops)


Monostegotops can kill a perfectly healthy diora if the right moves happen, and it works great to slow down a thora or a tryko to let you in advance for next dino, no to mention he can finish any short health dino around and with some luck go away and comeback.
He still does the job for me around in girosphere


Forever and always :revolving_hearts:


I have a lvl 25 Eremoceros w/ 2 health and 2 damage boosts and it has taken down Maximas and Magnas when played right! its also went toe to toe with multiple Trykos and is also very good against Indoraptor. I enjoy using him because of the mind games he can play. I have the dna to lvl him further but i am hoping he will get a unique soon because hes my favorite hybrid atm.


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(For god’s sake ludia why do I have to have my message be a complete sentence)

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Thoradolosaur isn’t legendary

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Whoops, forgot it’s for specifically Legendaries lol! (Changed it)

I leveled up monolometrodon to 20, and he’s doing better. The other legendaries on my team are lv 20 allosino, lv 20 dracoceratops, lv 18 phorusaura, and lv 20 indom. I have two epics on my team, lv 19 rixis, and lv 19 gamma. The last slot is thor, who I just got and replaced my lv 20 velociraptor.

Mine’s def Draco, I don’t run legendaries on my arena team, but Draco was almost my signature in them, as I was the only person I found (I found, I’m sure there were more) who played Draco just as well as a field fighter as a sniper. I’ve legit considered running it because of that, just never had the coin

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Wow ns dud

Good old giga makes work of any cunning


Mine would be indom and thyla, surprising tryo does pretty good too

Dipvenator forever.
Then Grylenken.

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Eremoceros easily, its ability to bring shields, distraction and dodge make it extremely adaptable and with just 4 speed boosts it outspeeds any non-boosted creature it meets. This dude occasionally one shots dinos like Purutaurus when it crits.


Wow ns dud :+1::+1:

that is why Eremoceros is one of my favorites as well! (also it’s design looks really awesome in my opinion. :3 )