Your mistake and why should we pay for the price?

Dear Ludia,

I want to talk about the mistake of gross miscalculation on Monomimus. Bruce Lee once said “mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” So, first, thank you for admitting your mistake. I really appreciate it.

However, here comes my questions and I do not understand how you were trying to correct your mistake.

Your explanation “Monomimus was way too powerful when considering its component ingredients and rarity” is not true. One is a local epic and one is exclusive from Arena incubator. It is definitely harder than some other hybrids.

Even let’s say alright it was too powerful, I do not understand how you let your players pay the price for your mistake? If the dinos are your products and we players are the customers to buy your products, don’t you think, as the seller, you should be responsible for your products? If your products were mistakenly produced, our customers have the right to ask for compensation. Of course, I am not saying all the dino adjustments need to be compensated, but only those mistake ones.

Furthermore, we invested so much time and coins into creating and leveling up Monomimus and why should we suffer from your mistake in the next update? I clearly remember I walked in the rain for two days and each day I spent at least THREE hours to find Gallimimus during the fast dino showcase week. There weren’t too many special event drops and I had to walk for a long time. The rain did not stop me because I knew Monomimus was powerful and I wanted it on my team. Also, I did not level up other dinos but spent all my coins on Monomimus. Have you thought about us players when making such a decision to nerf it?

So, please consider:

Either compensate the players who leveled up Monomimus (for example, giving back half of the coins),


Adjust the move (most compliants of Monomimus came from its dodge, you can change something like cool down after one dodge etc.)


Make a unique if you think it was too easy to create or level up.


Just leave Monomimus alone

Or at least,

Make a post addressing such issue, how to avoid it in the near future, how to assure our players that our investments can be somehow guaranteed, and what if such happens again, etc. Please just do NOT ignore us.

Thank you for your time.


My dude you didn’t have to walk in the rain. You made that decision.


Because the decision was made on Ludia’s miscalculation. Any more words?


You walked in the rain because Ludia forced got to play a free dinosaur game on your phone? My dude this is on you. Them adjusting a game doesn’t mean they have to tell you to be more careful when the game already comes with warning. Don’t play in the rain.


I wrote so much and you only saw the “rain” part? Don’t be salty, read the whole thing and try to understand what I want. If nothing can be changed, at least they should try to address such issue and how to avoid it.


If they never nerfed or buffed in alternating methods … the game would get stale … it wouldn’t cause any form of desire to continue from the players. The whole concept is to keep adjusting the game and putting spins in it. So you concentrated on a single hybrid … why is that any ones fault but yours? You don’t buy a 2017 vehicle and then request a refund because the 2018 model is better.

The whole point is to collect the entire collection … and not complain.


Leveling up creatures in this game gets ridiculous expensive at higher levels (legendaries, uniques). Our decisions which creatures to level and which not are to be made well considered. When the meta, creature stats and attacks are changed with an update all this carefully made decisions become obsolete.

The simplest solution in my opinion:
introduce de-leveling

The player can de-level a creature to get
a) half the DNA, full coins back
b) half the coins, full DNA back

you also lose a little player level-up progress.

Should be fair enough, I guess…


If you buy a 2017 vehicle, it won’t be trash in 2018. Mono has become trash.

Btw, what kind of trash comparison is this, lol?

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I would say making wise decisions is also part of the game.:grinning:

Try not to level up dinos with scarce DNA over level 20 if it’s not a super-hybrid. I also leveled my monominus, but only to level 20, and I’m fine with it.


Just goes to show … no Dino is safe.
The green chicken could be altered next :man_shrugging:t4:

The best advice:
Keep your team balanced and don’t put in more time/effort/coins/money than you’re willing to lose.


So we’re basically gambling in any aspect of this game. Casino with dinosaurs so to speak…

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Mono is still immune, which is not trash in the new meta. They explained their reasoning and what category they think it should fall in.

I think the vehicle analogy is a great comparison. There will always be newer and better models and they always have to re-think abilities to keep the game interesting.


I thought that was readily apparent considering the DNA in their incubators. :laughing:

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Isn’t that the way with most games? Nothing in life is guaranteed. I think the faster people understand that, the more enjoyable the game will become.

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Well, this is the only mobile game I play. I’ve got no other experiences in that matter ^^

If they’ll come up with a Koolasuchus hybrid, I’ll be so ready ^^

But I have another catchphrase:

Still waiting for Tanytator to happen…


A Tany hybrid would be awesome!


What kind of trash is it to complain about a game. Balance your team and don’t focus on one in particular. I don’t win every battle I do, so should I demand buffing my team and nerfing all the dinosaurs I’ve lost to? Honestly.


Guys, I’m sorry, but they’re right. This is in principle no different from a software company releasing a new piece of software, allowing countless people to invest tons of time and money into it, and then all of a sudden closing it down or modifying it in such a way as to make all that invested time and money effectively pointless on a whim. If the company screws up, then they absolutely have a duty to compensate the people their incompetence has inconvenienced. I’m sorry, that’s the simple fact of the matter.