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Your most Valuable and hardest creature to farm

Hi,what is your top 3 of the hardest creatures to dart (we will talk only about epics)
and which ones are the easiest ??

Aswell,which top 3 rare or epic dna is the most valuable for you?

Here are my example:
Hardest to dart:
-wooly rhino:completly unpredictable,rythm changing,can be darted on sides ,i hardly go over 200 DNA
-maiasaura:mostly easy but once you have to dart his crazy leg,i can miss 3 shoots,same as before
-nodopatotitan:the hitbox is too small in comparison of the side of the beast

-monolophosaurus:small creature
-pteranodon:idk why,small aswell and predictable
-koolasuchus:small creature

Most valuable DNA:
Alanqa ,because…I’m just kidding

-wolly mammoth: The new mammotherium will take a place in the meta and aswell when i dart,i oftenly reach 250/300DNA
-erlikosaurus :im trying to acheve the erlidomimus emperor and the ammount needed is huge,i reset if i dont do atleast 250 which is easy
-sinoceratops:mostly because its a key component for a lot of beasts (utarinex,thor)for the base line up
and utasino and allosino for tournamenets

Least valuable:
-Alanqa:can do only alankolysaure and honestly,its used to be strong but not anymore
-baryonyx:You can find a lot of baryonyx and all it do is tryotonyx:not that tryostonyx is bad,but when i see how much bary i find,they should give him multiples hybrids
-kentrosaurus:let me explain…i live in L4 since a long time and i only FIND HIM,i suffer from the lack of T-rex and ankylosaurus while he can only create ankyntrosaurus which is almost terrible and the mighty tryko
And you,which one?

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Good topic. let me think here…

Easiest epic to shoot is Ankylosaurus. It’s so slow and predictable.

Hardest epic to shoot is Nodopato. The head shot and then right to tail shot is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I don’t even click them if I see them now.

Any skinny dino that runs in straight lines is cake for me. Raja, Monolopho, etc… you can follow their body lines like an arrow.

Epic Rhino is annoying I agree. That running style is just awful.


This,when it happen to me,im screaming…
Not to mention nodopatotitan is the EASIEST hybrid to fuse (apatorsaurus and nodosaurus can be found in tons in the wild)so i don’t get why is he so hard to dart

I try to perfect my shooting skills on wooly rhino but it use the same running box as elasmo and brontotherium,his hitbox are smallers and completly unpredictables…
Even with some luck i did 202 max on him

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I think they made it hard to shoot because it is so easy to make. I dunno if that makes sense. It’s like Lydia is telling you to fuse it instead

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Here’s my best epic shooting ever. I had to take a shot of it.

For giving us something which is part of the worst unique team ,there is no logic than this beast is so hard to dart…
I mean,next time i see a winter event with wooly mammoth and wooly rhino,i will put all my dart on wooly mammoth.
-Easier to dart
-The dna is more valuable
-The hybrid given is more powerful

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And commons are pretty easy to max out. I am not VIP so this is basically perfect 11 shots


thats why ,i did mention only epics
And aswell,i don’t take in considerationevents legendaries and uniques which of course are harder to make

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Oh yeah I wouldn’t even want to post my scores on Legends and Uniques. They are so randomly hard to shoot

depend which ones.
I will tell you how much i did today and sunday

All these long necked dinos are hard to dart. It seems that the drone is too close to the dino.


But we can shoot 12 darts :sunglasses:

On a Tarbo! Very impressive.
I never managed more than 11 direct hits and one partial hit…
Here are my non-common recordholders. Only got outstanding on an epic once.

Hardest to dart epics must be Brachio, Rhino and I really hate Trex too.


Easiest to dart.

Anky (thank goodness as I hardly ever find on a Sunday)


Woolly rhino (and Elasmo): the nodding donkey run is horrible. Line up and fire, it jolts and I get +1 DNA
Brachi: Depends where the targets are. Can be good or bad. Head to tail shot and you’ve had it
Spino G2: Flappy tail shot? No thanks

Most valuable

Seco (and rare Dime): I have no L3 anywhere. Anything from incubators are when playing as a passenger is highly conveyed

Least valuable

Pyro: Lack of Irri DNA means it has just piled high. I know it’s valuable as it makes Magna but I won’t really go out my way to dart one


Top 3 Easiest

  • Blue : actually, all raptor kind is the easiest to dart for me
  • Monolophosaurus : I live in L3 = I meet it almost everyday so get a lot of chance to practice
  • Wolly Mammoth : I found it’s seriously easy to dart. Maybe because its size is not so large or narrow like dinosaurs

Top 3 Hardest

  • Nodopatosaurus : hit box just too small and distant between each hit box is so large
  • Maiasaura : LEG
  • Amargocephalus : TAIL

I always ignore those Nodopato-Amargo in the wild as they are too annoying to dart



  • Dracorex : I’ve been leveling it as magical bullet to stop evasive BS, now it is the most valuable rare DNA for me.


  • Gorgosaurus : I don’t invest in any of Gorgosaurus hybrids so it’s least valuable to me.

Maybe you can. I can’t

Hardest to dart: W-rhino. The gosh darn bucking. Spinosaurus G2, large sauropods with tail and head hitpoints

Easiest to dart: Any of the small fast things, or anky animation stuff. Also mammoth is really easy.

Most valuable: Diplodocus, god it’s so hard to farm.

Least valuable: Alanqa, Stygimoloch, Baryonyx, Spinosaurus G2 (Spyx is on my team tho), Nodopatosaurus, Amargocephalus, Pteranodon (even tho quetzorion is my best dino)

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Maia is terrible. I can never hit that moving leg either. The long necks are also very annoying, especially Baja, which only appears in parks. The epic I’m worst at by far is Spinosaurus, on which I consistently get about 70 (lol).
The most valuable would be Ankylosaurus. It’s easy to dart but not farmable.

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