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Your Name Has Been Moderated

I’ve been playing under the name MeltdownMessiah in Jurassic World Alive since near the beginning of the game launch. There is nothing offensive, vulgar, or otherwise problematic with my user name and I am not going to change it. This is the same user name I utilize on XBox Live, PSN, and elsewhere and it’s been that way for more than a decade. I’ve submitted two service tickets to have this fixed, but I’ve received no response. I’m being cheated out of days worth of game time because of this absolute nonsense.

It will most likely be due to the second part of your username as religious references are not accepted.


That is not a religious reference in any specific sense at all. It is defined as being “deliverer” which is precisely the context of the username.

How you view is going to be different to how they view it. Assuming this is the reason for the moderation.


Sadly, I agree with @Colin_Goodman, They’re very finicky when it comes to names relating to anything religious.

Its really stupid if you ask me. I really don’t care what your name is since I’m not offended easily.

I know several people in real life that share names with people that were/ are looked at in a favorable or unfavorable light for one reason or another. Does it make them a good/bad person because they share a name? No.


Hey. I’ve been shocked around here more than once and I’m still waiting for answers on some stuff. I can’t understand how the game has blood in it… but I was told earlier by another user in my Volcano thread that they were flagged for Volcano content. It sucks being on edge about posting because now everything can be something. I just am not use to watching everything I say. I just think that we live in a world where more than ever things carry multiple meanings and that should be considered to a degree. After all, this is the internet.

same! volcano is not offensive…is it?

Apparently it’s too brutal, but we have blood added in the game. I would actually think that the addition of blood would change the ESRB rating if there was one.

Well blood can be turned off.

I had a moderated comment for posting the Raptor-meme that was popular around 2009. (Not philosophy-raptor, the other one.) The level of religious tolerence extends as far as Stegodeus and not a step further.

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Volcano thread?

Right here:

That does seem odd.

Our co-leader was named TheHolyBread, and 3 months in they made him change it…
Now he is TheGarlicBread, lol.


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