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Your New Matching System Better Stop This


This is just getting worse and worse where I am facing teams with level 16 and 17 dinos.

My Team …

The Team YOU matched me against.

I hang in the 1150 to 1300 trophy range despite this crap all the time and I’m just fine with that but all I ever fight are “Alliance Missions Rewards”. And yes… 4, 5 and now 6 levels higher than the teams I put together.

Would you just completely get ride of that awful trophy system altogether? Please.

It is actually fun to play against teams a bit closer to my team level because I have the ability to apply strategy when I not dead in 1 or 2 hits. This :point_up: (what you see above) is NOT FUNat all. I can loose, no problem. Good battles lost were good battles but being this over powered is just a waste of my time.


How will Ludia match you against someone who doesn’t have the alliance reward dinos if everybody has the alliance reward dinos? Really, I’m impressed that you got as far as you did. I’ve got people in my alliance that have all that DNA and still had some trouble reaching Arcadia.
If you don’t have those dinos because you’re not in an alliance, I’m sure ours would love to have you.

On the side of the practiciality of this matchmaking fix–By the looks of it, it will turn things some in your favor if it works as advertised. I kinda have some doubts that it will, though… At least, not in Arcadia. I just think level 16 dinos like that are standard issue in that arena now. That’s what these alliance missions have turned the early game into. It’s kinda crazy! :confused: But that’s what it is.


…why use Galli and Ornitho? The latter is a straight upgrade of the former.


Exactly, it might lower the amount of matches you face 16s and 17s in arcadia… but its not gonna eliminate them. There is no going back


I have 32 level 10’s and 18 level 11’s. I just started to add the 11’s on my teams for even more diversity. That was just today’s pick to mess around with for my daily incubator. I literally play all the dino’s I have over the days and weeks. At least the bot I get to play after 2 losses in a row are different from these alliance mission rewards although they tend to be relatively the same ones.

I’ve been holding this trophy range since I got to it. That opponent team should be up in the next arena. Up till yesterday I had been playing strictly level 10 teams and despite these overpowering teams manage to stay in that range… somehow. I do often beat teams with dino’s 2 and 3 levels higher because I’m good with the swapping in and hit & run dinos. I usually make good balanced teams.

The trophy system needs to go. Pit people against teams their own size. Let team level determine arena and incubators. This way everyone can play any level team, and play against others their own team level and use all their dino’s.

Arena specific incubator DNA could expand play pushing people to play all levels to obtain needed DNA from particular arenas. But, Whatever! They push everyone to their top highest dino’s where everyone is stuck making well over 100 below completely obsolete for play… just nothing but component fodder. Baaah!


The trophy system (even though it’s getting revamped) didn’t fail you, younoutplayed your opponents. You earned this. To some extent imbalance will always exist if you’re a good battler. Now trophies will adjust to it. It’s officially a waste of our time to discuss this anymore now anyway.

Some part of the trophy type system must stay as it shows achievement. There is no other way. At some point with the changes folks just need to know they’ll be outclassed but risk less to win more and live with it.