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Your nickname

Out of curiosity, what is the origin of your username? Or the one used in game? How did it come to be? Do you have a nice story behind it?

Obviously this doesn’t count for the people using their real names :slight_smile:

I’ll go first! A Tielenaar is an inhabitant of the city of Tiel in the Netherlands, (like “New Yorker”) where I grew up. I moved out 15 years ago but always kept the name as it is a rather unique one online.
How about names like @Schtemty, @Qiew, @MyFishDrowned, @Evicton, @Turok_The_Hunter, @xescot, @Asta, @Detonatress, @TheNumenor, etc. Curious!


No story. It’s from Tolkien’ Legendarium.


Mine is very simple. My name is “Francisco” but many friends call me “Xesco”, derived from “Franchesco” which would be my name in Italian :slight_smile:


Mostly a joke while playing StarCraft with some friends online a long time ago. I used to nuke stuff there a lot for the lulz.


I was in a training exercise called “War Steed” in S. Korea in 1993 and the weather was around 1 to 5 degrees. I had gotten off a 4 hour shift of guard duty and was going to sleep while everyone was waking up at 0630. SPC Rau had a boom box and was playing a song that kept gong “JUMP JUMP!” I told him to turn it down… And he turned it up and started dancing to it. I sat up and again said turn it down. He then started singing to the song going “WICKETY WICKETY WICKETY WICKETY WACK!”
I got out of bed and Rau said “what are you going to do little man? WICKETY WICKETY WICKETY WICKETY WICKETY WHITE!” I grabbed my boot by the toe and threw it like a tomahawk at his boom box smashing the cassette door.
I then got one of the most brutal waffle stompings in my life. (SPC Rau was a big boy) They called me Wickety White for short after that and then it got further shortened to Wickety. It just kinda stuck.


It was mg username back in the day MIRC and made it to my companys name foxhunter customs. I make and custom toyfigures. You can check it out on facebook😉


None of the guys mentioned above, but I’ll enlighten you.

My username on the forum is self explanatory

My username in game, BloodMoon, is based of a nickname I gave myself when I was 10. It was for a rock-paper-scissors ‘league’ that my friends and I participated in


I actually explained my name to @Ardens not that long ago. :laughing:

Asta is the name of my OC:

I used to use her in stories and roll play when I was in my teens. The name has Latin and Greek origins. In Latin the name means “Spear” in Greek it means “Star” (there are mixed meanings too), I’ve always loved the name and thought it was beautiful. I still tell stories with her in them to my niece and nephew since they’re all into fantasy right now and Asta’s whole back story is pretty fantasy like. :laughing:

Her origins go back to native American stories and folklore. Her first sighting was in the night sometime in 1682 at the time the great fire ball flew through the sky (Halley’s comet), she rescued a young Native American boy and the whole tribe believed her to be a guardian spirit sent from the sky. The star on her head is a symbol of power and her status as a powerful spirit. She has many abilities. Such as shape shifting, heightened strength, speed, stamina, etc…

There have been stories of flowers blooming where she steps, rains coming in areas of drought, and stopping wild fires from spreading to villages with just her howl, some say that she controls the northern lights. For years she was simply known as “The Guardian”, it wasn’t until after America was discovered by Europeans exploring the lands and heard her stories from the Natives that she got the name “Asta”. Its been said that if one was to touch her fur, they would have good health and longevity. To simply see her is good luck. She only appears to the purest and righteous souls.

I could go on, but her back story is way too long. :rofl:

Anyway, Asta has been a pen name of mine for roughly 15 years now. :slight_smile:


Great stuff :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming!


Those are very cool! Best job in the world or what?


Mine is a long story, so I’ll tell it later


You’re secretly an Android sent by cyberlife. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is pretty easy, I’m a big burly bearded dude that hunts bear! Kidding! I’m not a dude and my Kodiak is Yamaha atv that I use dino hunting sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:


Mines the name of the first WoW character i made.


Actually wondered that hehe :wink: You never know what kind of crazy Canadians are out here!


But why? :slight_smile:

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No other reason than i liked the name.


Came to you in a vision? :slight_smile: Come on, spice it up :stuck_out_tongue:

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Minnesotan here :slightly_smiling_face:


My forum username is silly. I was trying figure out a name and went with something stupid I don’t remember, and then I changed it to this witch is sorta stupid too. Oh well. My IGN BlueRacerX is something I’ve used forever because Racer X is a mysterious racer from a cool series, and the “Blue" part of my name is because I am Mystic (Blue) in Pogo, and it makes Blue Racer witch is a cool snake.