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Your Opinion about the most annoying creature in JWA

Helllo forumers… Its me again. So we just did some votes about the most annoying creature in JWA, we had a very clear winner in Arena, tournament 1 and 3. So i would like to hear some reason why did those creature annoying. Note that this isnt really a nerf theread from me, more like a solution from the player base. All option were gathered from the other opinion in another theread, you could also give your opinion here and give your love if you agree with another opinion. Happy waiting on release notes.

First, CeRATmagnus. Don’t be folled by her cute face, because this creature would destroy you to the ground …

Why did CERAMAGNUS was so annoying ?

  • High swap in damage, combined with a Rampage after swap
  • Instant move and could easily faster than anything
  • Resistance
  • High armor, health
  • Other (comment)

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What would you expect from 2.9 updated or future for this massive ceratopsian ?

  • Slight nerf in damage
  • Change group accel to another move
  • Change her swap in into 0.75x damage
  • Change the precise rampage
  • Other (comment)

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Seccond creature, the most annoying creature in Tournament (Rare, Epic, All), Wolly Rhino. I think this Rhino has the same issue with Cera
Why did Wolly Rhino was so annoying ?

  • High swap in damage
  • High damage after swap in (Resilient impact)
  • Shields move
  • Other (comment)

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What would you expect from 2.9 or future updates for this fluffy Rhino ?

  • Slight nerf in damage
  • Change her swap in damage to 0.75 x damage
  • Reworks completely (comment)
  • Other (comment)

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And the last creature, i wasnt expected this creature would won the vote but here she is the Arrow head aka COMPSOCAULUS.

Why did The Arrow head was so annoying ?

  • Kills their counter in this tournament
  • Immune to decel
  • To fast for a flock that has immunity to decel
  • Only has a few counter
  • Other (comment

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What would you expect from 2.9 or future updates for this Red Arrow Head ?

  • Remove their immunity to decel but increase their damage
  • Drop their speed so cunning could counter them better
  • Buff the other uniques to counter them ( spinocon, poukan, ardentis, etc)
  • Remove their hop and mock move but gaining alert swarm as compensation
  • Others

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Thank you for your participation, i do apolozige if there was any typo or misspelled.
@Ned , would you mind to send these vote into development team. This is our aspiration about the most annoying creature in JWA., Thank you.

Compycaulus is fine, Magnus needs a overall nerf


Even if I didn’t face Magnus yet, she still needs a nerf in damage.

forget about whino comps g1 is the worst the epic tourneys

The main issue with Cera and Rhino, and to a lesser extent Mrhino and the rats, is the playstyle they create. Them existing means basically any creature at a “low” health threshold is effectively dead. Then add in that this threshold for both of them ends up at around 2.7k health, not even counting Cera’s absurd crit chance. Its not that hard to get most things to that threshold, its why both chomp 'n swap and the full swapper team are fairly viable strategies. And the ONLY counterplay is swapping yourself, but almost always for something to take the full hit anyways. Sure there’s technically swap in dodge/distraction/invincibility, but there only a small handful of creatures with access to that, most aren’t exactly viable, and all of them can potentially be stunned off it anyway.

And thats just SISS, not even expanding ito Cera’s suite of powerful options off the swap. Rhino at least has the good graces to have an average moveset after the swap. Both definitely need damage nerfs, and Cera needs something done about its moveset as well.


I feel like they could give Ceramagnus Swap-In Headbutt instead. Only Carbotoceratops has it right now, and it does 0.5x damage.

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I have no problem with compsoacalus. Its a unique and should stay that way.

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ceras movest is fine. its an apex which is the best tier in the game. damage nerf I do agree with. movset change is a no for me.

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I hate that a resilient gets a move that increases speed

yeah a nerf to magnus yes but the compys no there ok

Thanks, Ozora_Nadhif! I’d be happy to share the poll results with our team. :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness. Ok it’s happening.